Angel is a special young girl, her entire family are part of a group if vampire hunters. When Angel is sent out on her first solo mission a coven of vampires attack and kidnap her in hopes that she will reveal the location of the other hunters. Ashton never believed in what his people called, destined ones. Until he saw Angel. Destined ones are what humans refer to as soul mates, and even though Ashton doesn't think they exist, he may have just found his in Angel. Now the young hunter is torn, if she stays with Ashton she betrays her people and if she goes back to the hunters she betrays Ashton. But which one will condemn her, and which will save her soul?


4. My little Angel (Ashton)

No once did she scream, she didn't beg or cry, she barley even flinched. No matter what Damion did, my little hunter didn't once beg for mercy. I had begun to think of her that way. My little hunter. My heart ached when my brother cut her skin, when he burned her, when he bit her. More than once I had the urge to rip Damion off of her and break his neck for daring to hurt my woman. Damn brotherhood, she was mine, and he was hurting her. Of course I couldn't give away my possesivness toward the girl, that would inspire way to many questions. Finally I grew tired of watching her suffer, I offered a new strategy.

"Damion, the girl isn't going to talk, especially if you keep torturing her. Let's start with the basics okay?" I asked more than said but it got the required result. Damion moved away from the girl and motioned towards her rigid body, she was so motionless I was scared that he had somehow killed her, than I saw her chest moving as she took fast deep breaths and was instantly calmed.

"All yours brother dear." Damion smirked sarcastically and I knew he doubted my ability to get the girl to say a word. My little hunter lifted her head just enough to look me in the eyes, maybe it was the pain I saw there, maybe it was my strange protectiveness towards her, all I knew was that I couldn't stop my hand from caressing her cheek. Her eyes became wild and startled, as if she thought I might decide to make a meal out of her. I let my hand trail down to the bleeding bite marks on her neck, it made me sick to know that I could have stopped my brother from doing that to her. Placing my lips against her bleeding neck, I tasted a bit of her blood and it was intoxicating, delicious and barley resistable.

"I'm sorry." I whispered agains her skin before I kissed it, my kiss would heal the broken skin, there wouldn't even be a scar. Her quick intake of breath made me smile. I leaned back up till I was standing straight and looking down at her. "Now, let's start simply. What is your name?" I inquired in as sweet a voice as I could. For a moment she looked dazed, as though I was speaking a foreign language.

"Angel..." She said slowly, trailing off and I noticed she had been about to say her last name, but stopped herself quickly. Angel. The name rolled comfortable in my thoughts, and it was fitting. In her leather suit and when she had a knife strapped to her thigh she had looked like an avenging angel come to deliver the justice of heaven. My little angel.


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