Angel is a special young girl, her entire family are part of a group if vampire hunters. When Angel is sent out on her first solo mission a coven of vampires attack and kidnap her in hopes that she will reveal the location of the other hunters. Ashton never believed in what his people called, destined ones. Until he saw Angel. Destined ones are what humans refer to as soul mates, and even though Ashton doesn't think they exist, he may have just found his in Angel. Now the young hunter is torn, if she stays with Ashton she betrays her people and if she goes back to the hunters she betrays Ashton. But which one will condemn her, and which will save her soul?


1. Mission gone wrong (Angel)


My first solo hunt, it was a right of passage to my people. Who were my people? The hunters. And who did we hunt? Vampires. They aren't myth or legend, they aren't stories to be told round a campfire, they are real, and they like to bite. My own mother was killed when I was fifteen so if anyone asks me if I'm ready, well I was ready three years ago.

I was dressed in a Charlie's angels kind of outfit, a tight leather suit with a dagger hidden in my tight leather boots and a sun gun strapped to my thigh. A sun gun didn't shoot bullets, it shot rays of sun out of the barrel, don't ask how because even I didn't know. On my wrist I wore my communicator and a bracket my mother had given me before she died. It was emerald embedded with sapphires and rubies hanging from the sides. My hair hung down my back to my waist in its natural black waves. Just like my mothers.

"Angel, are you ready to go?" My father, Nicholas Lawson asked. With one final look my a picture of my mother I nodded and left the room. Outside many people had gathered to wish me good luck, my twin brother, Kaden was there, as was my older brother Seth. I hugged as many people as I could before the head hunter, Daniel Jackson alerted me that it was time to go.

"Be safe, cherub." My brothers said at the same time, almost as if they were the twins. I nodded and hugged them both hard one last time. With a deep breath I turned toward the great city gate and began walking towards it. When I reached it I hesitated for a second, fear for myself raged, however my pride allowed me to continue forward until I was in the outside world. I took one last look back at everyone, once I had gathered all my bravery, I turned and was on my way.


I wasn't sure how long I had been walking before darkness fell around me but it was surely hours, I walked for a few more minutes through the forest until I found a tree where the trunk was wide enough to hide my figure and the roots were raised far enough from the ground to hide me if I were to lay down. Starting a campfire would be like commenting suicide so that option was out, but I had some sandwiches in my bag that would last me a couple of weeks. The sounds in the air were like a lullaby, I listened to them until I drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately my reprieve didn't last long.

"I swear I caught a humans scent!" A deep, masculine voice roused me from my sleep.

"You must have gotten it confused with something else." Another deep, husky voice said. My breathing became deep and fast, though I tried to be as quiet as possible. I slowly stood up and flattened myself against the trunk of the tree. I reached down and took my dagger out of my boot before straightening up and tucking it behind my back, I closed my eyes and prayed I would not be found, however it didn't seem god was listening to my prayers. Suddenly I felt a hand clutch at my throat, suffocating me. I jerked my eyes open and found myself staring into ones of crystal blue. I gasped and with one hand tried to pry the stranger free of my throat.

"We'll look at this, I found a little snack. A hunter too, looks like I'm doubly lucky." His words were a dead give away, literally. The stranger was a vampire.

"Don't, bet on it." I choked before pulling my dagger out in one swift move and driving it into the vampire's side. He screamed and lurched away from me, seeing my only option of escape; I ran. Twigs scratched at my arms, leafs got stuck in my hair but no matter what I kept running. Looking back would have meant my downfall so I focused on what was ahead of me, instead of what was after me. A branch was low enough that I was able to grab hold of it and pull myself up, I climbed the tree as high as I could go until there was no where else to go but down. I could jump or I could climb down but they were my only options. Suddenly the branch shook; the vampire from before was standing just in front of me.

"There is no where else to go little hunter. Did you really think you could escape me? I'm a vampire sweetheart, we can climb." He mocked me, stalking closer to me as I backed up until I couldn't take another step without falling. I stumbled and almost lost my balance, I could reach for my sun gun but he would probably just attack and then I wouldn't be quick enough. My dagger was out of the question, he would notice me reaching for it and probably be even more pissed that I tried that stunt again.

"Yeah, well I'm a hunter and if there is anything I know how to do. It's escape." I said with surprising confidence considering it was a bullshit lie.

"Where do you have to go little hunter? You're out here all alone, no one to save you and no way out but down. We both know you'll die if you jump." Of course he was right, but where was the fun in admitting that?

"Then I'll die with dignity. So I'm going to do what angels do best, fall." I said and then I was falling, the wind whipped at my hair for a few seconds as I waited for the ground to hit me and force me into eternal darkness. However when I did fall into something the contact wasn't hard enough to kill me, and as I felt conciousness leaving me, the last thing I saw was a pair of green eyes.

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