Angel is a special young girl, her entire family are part of a group if vampire hunters. When Angel is sent out on her first solo mission a coven of vampires attack and kidnap her in hopes that she will reveal the location of the other hunters. Ashton never believed in what his people called, destined ones. Until he saw Angel. Destined ones are what humans refer to as soul mates, and even though Ashton doesn't think they exist, he may have just found his in Angel. Now the young hunter is torn, if she stays with Ashton she betrays her people and if she goes back to the hunters she betrays Ashton. But which one will condemn her, and which will save her soul?


3. I'll die trying (Angel)


When I woke up my head was spinning, almost as if I was waking up with a hang over. The air was warm and had a weird smell to it, like pine. Darkness cloacked me like the biggest blanket. Suddenly a door opened and stands of light crossed into the room, lighting up my sarroundings. 

"Ah, so the sleeping beauty awakenes." A deep, rough voice said. In the slight light that had settled in the room I could see he was tall, muscular, georgeous. He was also my captor. I lifted my head slightly so that I could see past the curtain of my hair. The man had piercing blue eyes, dark hair that fell across his left eye in a sexy, mysterious way. He looked erfectly normal but of course I knew he wasn't. No vampire was normal.

"Yeah well I guess being attacked by a bloodsucking son of a bitch really takes it out of ya, who knew?" I snapped back at him wealky. My throat hurt and my voice came out horse and tierd. His laugh filled the air like the sweetest melody, it made me sick.

"Fiesty one you are." He sneered. Hatred for him rolled over me like a tidal wave, if my hands had been free I would have tried snapping his neck. Then another dark figure stepped into the light; one more beautiful than the last. This young man had emerald breen eyes and black hair that only just came to his eyes, he was just as tall and muscular but he had a gentlness around him that the other did not. 

"You know it's a shame you to are vamps, You're hot." I said focusing on the green eyed god. His lips jumped into an almost smile; it made him look nearly human. Nearly. Suddenly the blue eyed vampire came forward and bent over till his lips touched my ear.

"Make no mistake, the only the reason you are still alive, little hunter, is because you could still be of some use." He said then sniffed at my neck. "You smell delicious." He whispered huskily and I began to struggle.

"Enough, leave her alone, Damien." The other vampire said and his voice was sex personafied, I almost felt it sink into my skin and cause me to get seriously hot. I looked over to the green eyed sex god.

"Why do you think I would help you? Help ypu with what?" I asked skeptically, this couldn't end well.

"You, little hunter, will tell us where to find your base." The blue eyed one said and I bared my teeth, I would never betray my people that way.

"Not on your undead life." I snarled and tried to bite the hand of the blue eyed one; Damien I think the other one said his name was.

"You will speak eventually, there is no way for you to escape here." Damien warned. 

"Then I'll die trying. You can do whatever you want to me but no matter what, you will NEVER break my spirit." I snarled and stared into his eyes. Finally he smirked down at me."

"Fine. Let the fun begin."

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