Angel is a special young girl, her entire family are part of a group if vampire hunters. When Angel is sent out on her first solo mission a coven of vampires attack and kidnap her in hopes that she will reveal the location of the other hunters. Ashton never believed in what his people called, destined ones. Until he saw Angel. Destined ones are what humans refer to as soul mates, and even though Ashton doesn't think they exist, he may have just found his in Angel. Now the young hunter is torn, if she stays with Ashton she betrays her people and if she goes back to the hunters she betrays Ashton. But which one will condemn her, and which will save her soul?


2. Destined one (Ashton)


The human girl I held in my arms was beautiful, her raven her fell in waves over my arm, before her eyes had closed I had been able to see her unnatural gold eyes. She was a hunter, one of the few creatures in the world who could inspire fear in the hearts of my kind. 

"Good, you caught her. I was afraid she crack her head open and spill all her delectable blood on the floor."  Damion, my brother, smirked as he landed next to me. What? He wanted her blood, this young girl? I was confused for a moment until I realised that he wanted to drink from her. I wasn't sure why, but a surge of protectiveness for the girl filled me. Without thinking I hugged her closer to my chest and bared my teeth to Damion. 

"Not a chance." I snarled. My brother looked surprised.

"It's just a girl man, a hunter girl. What is your problem?" Damion asked, eyeing the girl. He had a point, I had never defended a girl before, let alone a hunter. Still I didn't want him looking at her like she was food and I didn't want him to kill her, there had to be some way. As Damion moved closer again an Idea struck. 

"Wait! What if she has information on the hunters, we could use her." I said and he seemed to consider it. Come on, how could he turn that down

"Ok, let's take her back to the others and see if we can get her to talk but I'm warning you, if she doesn't I will use any method I want to get that information.

"Deal." I promised, hell I would have done anything just to get her safe. The probability was that he wouldn't betray the other hunters but I had to try, she would die if she didn't talk. Of that I was certain.  On the way back to the others she shifted around in my arms so that her face was nuzzled into my neck and she was curled tight against my body. I stroked her hair when she started whimpering, wanting her to feel safe. 

"No, please don't, don't take her from me." She mumbled in her sleep, fear was evident and I wanted to howl with rage, I wanted to kill the ones who had inspired fear and heartache in her. Then as I was going to comfort her the best I could without waking her she spoke again. "They took her, the vampires took her." I was shocked, so much so that I stopped walking for a second. I started up again before my brother could turn around and see that I was lagging behind. Vampires had hurt her, this young hunter. They had taken someone from her, was this why she became a hunter, revenge? I didn't know, but I did know I would do whatever it took to make her safe and happy.

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