Love me

I watched her lay there on the hospital bed motionless hearing nothing but my sobs and the monitor beeping I don't know how I let this happen the love of my life was laying there and i couldn't do anything to help her.


1. I'm Harry

"don't touch me",I screamed as my now ex boyfriend was tugging on my shirt "come on baby", i pushed him away don't call me that you bastard!", he gripped the back of my neck and pulled me closer to his face "what did you say?!", he snickered the smell of beer burned my nostrils as he spoke I looked over people where starting to stare. I tried to release his grip James please let go I pleaded he laughed don't cry he said in my ear he gave me goosebumps I was scared he was going to hit me or rape me again he grabbed my hair and pulled back give me a kiss he demanded I shook my head no get away from me I screamed people where noticing but kept walking which really mad me angry he stepped forward and I quickly jumped back he smirked he took another step and I took off running looking back I could hear him calling my name "Maisy!!!", it ringed In my head i looked back to see if he was close I was a fast runner and got away quickly but I wasn't free this wasn't the worst thing that he has done he would find me then apologize and we would love each other until it happened again I looked down and the puddles on the road seeing my reflection and my bruises I looked at my wrist where I had 4 cuts they all have meaning. They all have memories that I'm stuck with. I put my hands down and sat on a bench the bus came and stopped in front of me you on this bus I shook my head no thank you he was a bi g man with a handlebar mustache and didint look to happy about his job I watched as he closed the doors and then drive off I heard yelling in the distance and felt my heart pounding its James I whispered I looked right and took a sigh in relief a boy was running down the side walk wait wait he yelled papers where flying everywhere he stopped a few feet away damn it he started walking back to pick up his papers he had brown curly hair and sunglasses on he lazily walked to the bench where I was at and sat down he looked up do you know what time it is he asked I took out my phone 11:45 I said quietly he looked back down what bus are you going on he asked I don't know I mumbled why are you so quiet he smirked I shrugged trying to not look so scared James was still looking I kept thinking to myself he Interuppted my thoughts hi I'm Harry he said holding out his hand

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