Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


9. Chapter 9

I froze as I turned to see a wicked grin. Dan's wicked smile. I went to scream but he noticed and immediately covered my mouth. I watched in fear as he locked the door. “Ahh, how cute.” Dan chuckled “My little baby slut decided to run away!” His laugh got louder and angrier. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. “Careful, don’t wanna wind up hurt again.” He grinned wickedly, and kneed me in the stomach. I screamed, but it was silent. He put some form of tape around my mouth. “Ooh, what can I do to you now?” He laughed again. “Hmm, you know, my other toys if you like, are much easier than you.” He smiled and slapped me hard on the face. I whimpered in pain, but it was still no use. “Who are you with?” I shook my head in reply. I couldn’t tell him about Niall, or anyone. “DON’T LIE TO ME BITCH.” He angrily yelled, kicking me hard in the leg causing me to fall on the floor. “Oh that’s right.. the famous One Di-bloody Rection. Are they still going to like you with this scar?” He asked stabbing the blade of the knife into my shoulder. “You owe me, BIG TIME.” He yelled. He fidgeted around for a second searching his pockets and then grabbed some pills – well drugs. I shook my head violently. He angrily pulled the duct tape of me making me wince in pain, but I stayed silent as he had the knife to my throat. He poured at least 4 of the pills into my mouth. I only normally had one. I didn't remember much, other than falling into a deep ‘sleep’ pretty quick.

“Is somebody in here?” I think I heard coach say. I looked up at the blood covered room. I let a tear out and tried to sit up. Ow. “We’re locking the doors now. You better get out or else.” She spoke again, I tried to stand up when I got shoved back hard onto the floor. “Don’t even think about it baby girl.” He whispered tapping the pocket that contained his knife. We both stayed silent till the coach gave up and went. Dan looked towards the biggest window and opened it. "Out after me whore." Dan ordered. He struggled out, and then I 'obeyed' by doing the same. He grabbed my waist and threw me into the boot of his car. He started driving and I was desperately trying to stay in the same place not being thrown by the movement of the car. Suddenly the car came to a halt and Dan opened the boot. "Move slut before anyone see's." He ordered, I once again obeyed even though I wanted nothing more then to be seen and to be saved. I ran into the house and he quickly followed. “Now. Here’s the plan.” He gave another one of his evil grins. “You call Niall, telling him you’ve re-thought the situation and that you’re leaving on your own.”  I shook my head immediately. “You sure you wanna be like that?” He said kicking my damaged body. He went to kick me again. “Okay.” I said, regretting it already. I picked my phone up and dialled Niall’s number. “Hello?” A sleepy voice answered. “Hey. Its me.” “September? Where've you been? I've been worried sick. I thought that Dan got you. Anyway, where are you? You need sleep it’s a busy day tomorrow.” Niall said quickly. “That’s just it I..” I looked up at Dan, who was listening to every word. He urged the knife closer to my neck. “I can’t go with you, I erm, I changed my mind. I've already gone. Its better me on my own, he could track me easily with you. I have to go bye.” I said trying to hold back the tears. “No wait-“Niall said, but Dan interrupted him by hanging up the phone. “Nice going sweetheart, we’re a good team.” He grinned. I shook my head. “Now what are you going to make me do?” I say, trying to make him feel guilty – but I know it won’t work, you have to have a heart to feel anything. “We are leaving today.” No. What will I do? I’ll be trapped for life. And what about mum? “Wh-what? Wh-where?” I stutter. “What do you mean; I thought you’d be happy moving, you wanted to in the first place. I’ve got a way to get rid of that brat of a mother of yours don’t worry.” I froze, no.. did he mean, he couldn’t kill..kill her. Could he? “Do you know my issue, your mum. She’s so fucking clingy. She calls every day. She’s a fucking whore bag. I hate her. Her friend, what’s she called. Trisha? Anyway, she’s much better in bed. Whereas you, your shit. Your mum’s, meh. But when I drug you all, obviously your mum doesn't know. But when I'm in control, its fucking good. And do you know, your mums so damn stupid! Shes been in the house when I’ve been, well having sex with you.” He laughed, each word made me feel more pain. I cried, and cried. “Don’t worry darling, ill train you. You'll be fucking good when I'm finished with you. I do try and make you happy baby girl. Here have this." He said tossing a piece of bread over. "Dont eat too much, you cant be any fatter, otherwise I'll get Mike to pay me for you more often." I dreaded that, Mike. Another one of Dan's 'Mates'. He'd raped me before twice, and he stabbed me when I tried to escape. "No, please." I begged. "Na, actually I'll call him now, we could use the cash and I'm getting tired of your fucking face. Get lost bitch." He said punching me again. I turned my head. "Go." He said pointing towards this small box. I got inside of it, then listened to a key lock. I dont know how long it that I was in there, but I had nothing. Then I heard I think Mike's voice, but there were more than two voices. I closed my eyes in fear as I heard Dan open the box. He saw me and laugh. "Half price Dan, have you seen her shitty face?" Mike laughed. "Fine." He said and looked at me. "Oi, slut, this is Harold, Mike as you know, Tim, Will and Darol, they have you for the day." He said and left the room. "Bitch, why do you have to be so damn ugly." I think it was Darol who said this and slapped me hard across the face. Then Will started kicking me. After more and more endless punches and kicks, I couldn't take it. I let out a final scream and I then think I passed out. "Alright boys, times up. Cash now." Dan ordered. They immediately left after paying the amount for me.. I think everyones scared of Dan. They do whatever he says whenever he says it. Now it was just me and Dan again. Oh great. "How shall I kill your mum then? She’s coming back early, in two hours.” I was horrified, how can I let this happen? I can’t. But there’s nothing I can possibly do. “Please don’t.” I say quietly. “Eh? No, I’ll do what I'm best at. I’ll drug her, and then have one last time.. Then overdose her, people will think its suicide.” He said, proud of his idea. I felt sick; mum was like my only family left. I couldn't let her die. 

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