Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


8. Chapter 8

Niall’s P.O.V

After  watching Bridesmaids and having dinner, September and Zayn were both asleep either side of me. I suddenly became unsure what film we were watching, I think I must’ve fallen to sleep. “Get away from me! No! Leave her alone!” September shouted waking me and the others up. She started to scream, I gently shook her trying to wake her up. “September, shh. It’s okay.” I said as she opened her eyes. “Was it about Daniel?” Zayn asked gently, September slowly nodded and looked down. “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?” Liam asked her. “Mmm. Not right now. Let’s get ready for school.” She said faking a smile and changing the topic. “Okay.” Louis said, going upstairs. September went into the bathroom. “September seems really nice.” Liam said happily. I couldn’t help feeling a little bit angry “Yeah, she is – don’t hurt her Liam. She’s my best friend.” I warned him, seriously. “I won’t. I don’t see her like that.” He said, slightly reassuring me. I quickly put on a white Hollister polo t shirt and some tight denim jeans with my navy vans. “Come on Niall, we’re all waiting.” Louis shouted in an annoyed tone. I walked out the house and got in the car.

September’s P.O.V

“Why is she with them?” I overheard Kayleigh say about me. “Ignore it.” Louis said tapping my shoulder. I nodded, trying to block out any rude comments. “What’ve you got now Bright?” Niall asked, “Hockey.” I sighed, probably the worst thing for me right now.. “You?” I asked, looking towards a blank wall. “Music.” He grinned, that was probably his favourite subject, and mine too. Though I hadn’t sung for a couple of hours, and I hadn’t touched my guitar for at least a year. “How are you with music now?” He asked - which was quite a hard question for me to answer, I didn’t even know the answer myself. “I’m not sure, I still love it.. but I haven’t played my guitar for a while, or sung!” I said half laughing. “You’ve got an amazing voice, don’t worry. Anyway, I best go before we both wind up late.” He said walking towards his class.

Great, hockey. “Oi! Bright, work with me. I mean, now your close with famous people, you’re not as embarrassing.” Kayleigh chuckled. “No thank you, I don’t want to be embarrassed.”  She huffed loudly at that, and went back to her ‘crew’. I looked over at everyone else here, and suddenly felt sorry for a lonely girl quite distant from everyone else. I slowly edged towards her. “Sorry, do you want me to move?” She asked slightly scared. “No! Its fine, I just wondered if you’d maybe work with me.” I asked simply. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, I’m a nobody.” She whispered, looking close to tears. “Hey! You’re not. Please work with me? We actually have a lot in common.” I say looking at her bruised face. “Do we?” She asked confused, looking up this time. “Yeah.” I smiled. “What’s your name?” She asked shyly. “Oh, I’m September. And you?” I asked sitting down next to her. “Alesha.” She whispered. After that we didn’t talk much, until she panicked when we were about to start the game. “I’m terrible at this, everyone will laugh.” She said sadly. “It’s just for fun, you don’t have to be good at it, and I’m crap! If anyone laughs they better be bloody perfect at this.” I said, remembering when I always used to feel under pressure, and not good enough. She put on a half-smile and stood up. We played against Kayleigh and her ‘popular crew’s’ team which I didn’t like. But it made me more desperate to win - and for Alesha’s sake and all. I ran guiding the hockey ball with my hockey stick. Kayleigh surrounded me, blocking my view for the goal. I hit the ball guessing where the goal was, it went in.

“Okay ladies. September’s team wins, well done.” Coach clapped. I grinned at Alesha, then felt a horrific pain in my stomach. “Ow!” I screamed out loud. “Ha, loser. I only tapped you.” Kayleigh laughed looking towards the hockey stick she just ‘tapped’ my stomach with. But it was the place I was stabbed, which nobody other than the boys understood. I couldn’t help but let out a few tears. “Oh, come on. There is no need to be over dramatic September. Kayleigh, there was no need for it in the first place however.” The coach said laughing at my pain.

“Are you okay?” Alesha whispered quietly following me. “No, my stomach. I’d already injured it, it kills.” I cried “Maybe coach should look at it.” Alesha suggested. “No, it’s fine, honestly.” I lied trying to put on a smile. “Here, let me see – if it’s as bad as you make it out to be its worth me checking.” Coach said walking towards us. “I can’t, no I’m fine.” I lied again. I rushed into the girls toilets. I checked it was empty, and then rolled up my pe shirt. I gasped looking at my scarred stomach, the blood still covering most of it. A vermillion coloured red showed 3 lines where being stabbed stained. Then I saw the deep purple bruises everywhere too. God I am a mess. “September?”

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