Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


3. Chapter 3

It’s been twenty minutes and she wasn’t ready yet – which wasn’t like her because she used to be ready in less than a minute. I heard shouting, which I think came from her house. I looked at the others worried - though they didn’t even look up from their phones. I heard a bang after the shouting. I got even more worried this time, my heart started racing. 5 minutes later September walked out the door. Her hair was messier, and I think her cheeks looked worse. She was limping as well. “You took your time!” Liam laughed. I looked at Liam; I think he was a bit worried too. But he acted like he wasn’t. “You okay?” I whisper as it was just me and her. “Yeah.” She lied, I knew it. She was my best friend for 10 years; I know when she’s lying. But for now, I decided to drop it. We got to mine finally and I ordered some pizzas. It was 5 now, but I was starving. “Some things don’t change eh?” September said and let out a weak laugh. I laughed too, but I knew something was up, and I hated seeing her like this.

 When it was just me and September, I pulled her into my room. “Niall?” She asked confused. “What’s happened to you? Who was shouting?” I looked at her hoping for honest answers. “Nothing.” She lied. “Your my best friend, you can tell me anything you know that, so please?” “How can you say that? After all these years where I had nobody. And I tried texting, calling you – at my lowest point in my life EVER. You weren’t there for me. I didn’t even get a single reply, in what 5 years?” She said angrily, which she had a right to be. I ignored every message and call. Which stopped last year. I felt really guilty. I could have been there for her. “Look September, I’m really sorry. But I’m here now.” I say wrapping my arms around her. She started to cry, I wiped her tears but said nothing. “My step-dad.” She said after a while “He h-hit you?” She nodded. “What’s he done?” I say starting to get angry. “Sometimes.. he hits me. Or kicks me.. and.. he raped me.” She said through tears. “HE WHAT?” I said shouting. “Look leave it Niall, soon I’ll be able to move out. In 6 months.” How could she be so.. normal? Not normal, okay with it? “How can you go back to that? Does your mum know?” She shook her head. “I can’t tell her, or anyone else.” She said crying again. “He’s already angry at me for being here tonight. But I had to get away for at least one night whilst my mums in Ireland..” she said “You can stay here! Please, promise to never go back to him.”

September’s P.O.V

“You can stay here! Please, promise to never go back to him.” I knew I couldn’t promise him that. I had to go back tomorrow morning that was the deal. I’m already going to get more beaten than usual, I can’t make it any worse. I nodded slowly, so I didn’t have to lie properly. “Can we talk about it tomorrow? I’m hungry.” I say trying to change the topic. Niall gave an unsure nod, I felt bad not telling him I couldn’t keep my promise. But they’re made to be broken.. I got up and walked out, trying not to give Niall too much eye contact. “April” Louis teased, but I really didn’t care. I tried to think of a way I could change his name, but there wasn’t really.. “How original of you.” I said sarcastically laughing. “Thanks, I try my best.” There was a knock on the door, Liam got up to open it.

“VAS HAPPENIN PIZZA?” Zayn shouted excitedly. Liam put them on the table and grabbed 3 slices. I took one and put it on a plate. I wasn’t very hungry; I was worried – worried for tomorrow, this whole 2 weeks in fact. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it anymore. Its gone on too long. “September?” Harry said, interrupting my thoughts. “What?” I reply coldly. If I’m honest, I was still annoyed at him from before. “I wanted to apologize. You didn’t deserve what I said, you seem pretty cool actually. I was wrong, and I hope we’re okay?” He said “Yeah, sure whatever.” I say trying to smile. He gave me an awkward hug then went upstairs.

 The boys came in soon after wards. “Truth or dare?” Louis said with a wicked grin – I hated wicked grins though, they remind me too much of him. Dan. His name had a permanent place in my mind. But not for a good reason – “You first Bright.” Louis said, oh great.. is everyone going to call me that now? “Truth.”I mumble, not very loudly “Boring. Em, who do you find the most attractive in this room.” “Me.” I laughed. “No fair-“ “If I remember correctly Louis, you said in this room – and I am in this room.” I smiled “Uggh!” He moaned “Harry, truth or dare?” I say “Truth.” “Who would you like to date, if you could get anybody you wanted?” Zayn asked “Susan Boyle.” He answered, trying to keep a straight face; Niall was in fits of laughter. “Ooh, yes. Nice choice. I mean, she’s an excellent dancer.” Louis smirked. “How about we do a twitcam?” Harry suggested “A what?” I asked confused. The boys looked at eachother “You don’t know what a twit cam is?” Louis asked shocked. “It’s like a video of what we’re doing, a few celebrities do them, they’re live and our fans can see us, it’s also on twitter aswell.” “How fun.” I say sarcastically, I mean do they even get viewed? “30,000 is our record amount of viewers.” Niall said proudly. Okay, maybe they get viewed. “And I thought I had no life” I joked. “Whatever, do one I couldn’t care less.” I laughed lightly. After 10 minutes of getting ‘ready’ for the twitcam, they finally started by saying ‘Hello, we are one DIRECTION’ ‘and September Bright’ Niall added. “Any questions guys?” Liam asked. “September, do you have twitter is one of them?” Zayn asked. “She does now!” Harry said before I could reply with a ‘no’. “Huh?” I asked “I made it now, @septemberbright13” great, I have honestly never cared less about twitter. “Gee, thanks harry.” I say trying my best not to sound sarcastic. I grabbed my phone after Harry wrote down the password and logged in. “Everyone follow @septemberbright13!” Louis said to the camera. “Niall and Harry are still single, yes.” Liam said answering the question. I was a bit relieved, I’ve always had a ‘soft spot’ you might say for Niall. But he always fancied the ‘popular’ and pretty girls; he’d never go for someone like me. I updated my profile, but I didn’t really want a picture of just me as my profile picture, so I just left it. I checked my followers, 4,000 – already? They must be fans, oh great.

“Who wants to be in my profile picture?” I asked the boys when they were done. “Me!” They all shouted in unison. I laughed. I got my I phone out and put it on timer, then raced to the others, and pulled a silly face with them all. I laughed when I saw the photo, we all looked stupid in our onesies, but I couldn’t care less. I set it as my profile picture. After watching 3 films I fell asleep on the sofa.

I lay on my bed, naked. I couldn’t open my eyes properly. I was crying. “Well don’t you look beautiful.” Dan whispered getting on top of me, he was naked too. I tried to push him off of me, but my hands her chained to the bed. Just like my legs. I was his now, he owned me. “Don’t cry baby, am I not doing it right?” He gave a horrid smirk. I didn’t do anything – I couldn’t.

“STOP, GET OFF ME.” I screamed through my tears. “September? What happened?” Zayn said as they all gathered around me. I looked up, realizing it was just a dream, but I couldn’t stop the tears. “Bad dream?” no. bad life, this is my reality. “Mm.” I said, still crying. “What was it about?” Harry asked, obviously curious. “Em, I don’t remember.” I lied; the image was still pure in my mind. I looked at Niall who looked unsure, probably knowing I was lying. He shook his head. But then lay back down on one of the sofas. So did the others. About half an hour later, I looked to see if everyone was asleep, grabbed my bag then left the room. I checked my phone for the time 4.20 in the morning. Shit. Dan told me to be back at half past, when it took half an hour to get home. I ran back all the way. I got home at 25 to 5 – only 5 minutes late, but in Dan’s time it was five hours.

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