Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


18. Chapter 18

Liam’s P.O.V

I think September and Niall made up, that is if they even fell out in the first place. I just want to know what’s happening, is that too much to ask for? Obviously it is to September and Niall. I know it’s hard when you fall out with the one you love, believe me with mine and Danielle’s constant on/off relationship. Which looks like it should just be off now. That moment, September walked in and smiled. She looked nervous – jumpy almost, but why? Ughh, let’s face it.. I’m not going to find out anything anyway, may as well not question things. “Hi” She said bluntly. “Hey!” I smiled ignoring her tone earlier. “You good?” I add. “Mm, you?” Mm, really? “Ok, thanks.” I shrugged. I sat on the sofa next to September and at first she looked a bit… unsure? I don’t know. “Do you want to go out some place today?” I asked her and stared at her blankly for about a minute and eventually she came out with “Huh?” God she was miles away... “I said, do you want to go out some place today?” I repeated. “Oh, sure” she said, with no expression or emotion. What was up?! “Okay, great! Your choice on where we go!” I said as enthusiastically as I think I could. “To be honest, I could really just use a long walk at the park, to talk to you about things?” She said half smiling, and it made me grin because I think she trusts me. “Great, I’ll just get changed quickly” I said and went upstairs. I put a checked shirt on with some denim skinny jeans. I walked downstairs and saw September waiting for me. I smiled, and she smiled back. We left and started walking, and quite quickly arrived at the park. We walked silently until she nervously spoke. “I need to tell you something, that I haven’t even told Niall.” She stuttered, I was shocked, Niall and her are together, and had been best friends for years!? “Ok, shoot?” I said curiously.

September’s P.O.V

“well, after shopping with Perrie and El, I got a call of an unknown number, I answered it then soon realized it was Dan-“ Liam gasped and horror filled his eyes. “Dan, bu-“ “Let me explain first, please Liam. It’s hard enough already.” I interrupted Liam and looked to the floor.  “Sure, sorry” He said apologetically. “and anyway, then he said he’d leave us all alone” Liam breathed a sigh of relief, I lightly shook my head. “If, I gave him 50 thousand pounds, which I don’t have. He said I couldn’t tell anyone because then he’d kill you guys, and us girls.. I don’t even want to repeat it. But that would mean stealing from Niall, how could I ever do that? After all he, well actually all everyone’s done for me. I can’t cope with this again Liam, I really cant. I can’t not tell anyone. I can’t keep doing this to you all.” I cried into his arms and we sat down. “Look,” Liam finally spoke. “I will get you 50 thousand pou-“  “NO! Liam you can’t-“ I said, I didn’t tell him so he’d offer. “Shh, listen. I will get you the money, and we’ll work this out. It’s fine, I’m not running low exactly am I?” He laughed lightly. “No, but that doesn’t mean you give it all away!” I said. “true, but for you I’ll do anything.” He smiled. I hope he meant as friends? But I didn’t have the energy to worry about that. We walked back and Liam said he would fetch the money today. I still can’t believe he’s doing all this for me. “Finally! Where’ve you been?” Niall asked me and Liam. “Just out for a walk.” I shrugged. “Ah” Niall smiled digging in to his breakfast cereal.

Liam’s P.O.V

I got to the bank and realized I only had £50 over 50 thousand, and that was meant to last me another month?! Stop, Liam, it’s for September, her life’s on stake here. With that final thought, I took the money out. I’m sure I could ask for some of the year’s end’s money earlier. I saw a couple of nosy people gasping at the money I was taking out. Oh well, give the papers something to write about eh? I got back and slid the money up to my room and hid it in the pillow case.  I gave September the ‘got it’ look and she gave me a thankful look back. I lightly smiled and she did in reply. I then sat by Louis and Harry who were whispering about how they were unsure of what was happening to September, basically how I felt earlier this morning. “Don’t you feel annoyed Liam?” Harry whispered. Nope, I know whats happening. “I suppose, it doesn’t matter though” I simply shrugged. “It’s really bugging me.” Louis said annoyed. “What is?” Niall said walking towards us. “Oh.. nothing!” Harry smiled. Niall looked a bit hurt that he wasn’t being trusted. But shrugged it off. He then sat down next to Zayn, not September. I glanced at September who was staring at Niall. She looked slightly hurt and upset. I gave her an apologetic look but I don’t think she saw. After about 10 minutes of silence Niall left the house, without telling anyone where he was going or anything. I went to sit next to the lonely September and she gave a small smile. In which I returned. That’s when her phone rang. I saw her suddenly freeze as she saw it was the unknown number again. Dan. Everyone stared at her blankly as she just listened to the ring. Finally she slightly shook her head, coming back to reality. Left the room and picked the phone up. “What the actual fuck?” Harry said. “Just leave it, okay? You have no idea.” I angrily shot back. “Oh and you do? Cause I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on Niall has no clue. But you do?” Harry said. “All I said was just leave it.” I said trying to cover up my slight mistake. It had been 4 hours and no one had spoken. September didn’t return to the room, but I heard the front door close. Was she with Niall? God I hope so, otherwise was she with…? No, I can’t think like that. “Where’s Niall?” I ask suddenly. “I don’t know I’ll ring him.” Zayn shrugged. I heard the Niall’s number dialling. “Hey Niall, its Zayn where are you?” He asked. “Who’s house?   Wait, are you with September?   Oh, cause she left about an hour ago.   Niall, don’t worry she’ll be fine.   Ok, see you in a minute.” Zayn said hanging up on him. “He’s worried, so he’s coming  home.” Zayn simply stated. I froze. Should I tell them?


A/N; so sorry for not updating in so long, in both movellas! But i know its the summer holidays and stuff but im busy;-) and on the 9th of august im going to sunny spain:D for two weeks, ahh! but that means no updates, but it'll give me time to think about how the stories will turn out! and if you havent already, please read my other fanfiction Stay With Me, thanks guys for reading, carry on and also please please please like, comment, favourite! Its so nice when you do! Bye!

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