Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


16. Chapter 16

*a/n so sorry for not updating in so long! Been proper busy, ill do my best to update again tomorrow. Ive got quite a good idea for the story line!;-)* 

Eleanor's P.O.V

Louis and I walked upstairs to the bedroom and I changed into my coke pyjamas! Louis wore his so we matched. I slid under the covers next to Louis and soon drifted into a sleep. I woke up after a dreamless night and saw Louis lying there next to me, with his usual morning cute messy hair. I giggled quietly at him, accidently causing him to wake up. He smiled as he opened his eyes, god.. he always smiles. That’s one of the things I love about him so much. “Morning sunshine.” He whispered in his gorgeous accent, I know it’s not that much different, but I love it. “Morning babe, sleep well?” I ask him as I get up and start to comb my hair. “Great thanks, you?” He said smiling. “Mm, good thanks.” I said.

Niall’s P.O.V

“Morning!” I boom loudly down September’s ears. “Hey” She said giggling, hitting my arm playfully. “I’m so tired.” She complained. “Same, go back to sleep babe?” I suggest. “I’ll try” She mumbled. I stayed with her for a few minutes and watched her fall into a gentle sleep. I got up and quickly dressed, keeping quiet, then went downstairs. “Hey, where’s September?” Eleanor asked “She went back to sleep.” I replied. “No I didn’t, I tricked you.” She said coming into the room, wearing a beautiful blue summery dress, letting her hair naturally fall. “aww” I pouted, pretending to be upset. She poked my nose playfully then sat down on a breakfast stool. “September, me and the girls thought you might want to go shopping in a bit?” Perrie said to September when she walked in the room. “Yeah, that’d be great thanks!” She smiled. I smiled, happy she was getting closer to the girls, because after all, I couldn’t always be there for her. Which I admit I truly feared, but we need to get used to this. “Let’s go now?” Eleanor suggested they all agreed and added their ‘final touches’ to their outfits and make up, everyone except September, as she didn’t care about make up. Which I loved, she was perfect anyway. “We better go to the studio boys!” Louis said, being strangely sensible for him, “Oh yeah bye love.” I said kissing September quickly. “Bye!” She said as we all left the house. We got to the studio and started recording ‘The Best Song Ever’ again, I can’t believe somebody leaked it. How could they? They knew from the videos how excited we were to show them the song as soon as it’s out, but noooo.

Eleanor’s P.O.V

We were at the shopping centre when a few ‘huge’ directioner’s noticed us. “Hey, your Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards and S.. oh god ive forgotten your name, I’m mega sorry!” A fan girling girl nervously spoke. “Oh, that’s fine! I’m September Bright, and you are?” September asked politely. “My name’s Lauren, and this is my best friend Beth. Would we be able to get a picture with you?” Lauren asked “Of course!” I happily said, I like when we’re noticed by nice fans. Perrie got her phone out and we all smiled at the camera. The girls stayed with us for a while, they were actually really nice people. “Hey, do you want to meet the boys tomorrow? They-“ “They’re at the studio today, yeah we know Niall tweeted.” Beth giggled. “Ah, yes. But do you want to meet them tomorrow maybe?” I asked laughing slightly at their faces. “REALLY? YES PLEASE!” Lauren and Beth practically screamed. “ah, well I’ll text you and we could meet maybe at Nando’s tomorrow?” September said happily. “Yes please!” We exchanged numbers and they told us they had to go. “They seemed nice?” I questioned. “Mm” Perrie smiled. “Let’s go to Forever 21” I said excitedly. September bought some shorts, so did I. I bought a maxi skirt too, and some black skinny jeans. Perrie bought a numerous amount of gorgeous dresses. Then we decided to go home with our several packed shopping bags! “I’m worn out!” Perrie joked, causing me and September to laugh.

September’s P.O.V

We sat inside the house when I heard my phone ring. Unknown number? I picked it up and walked out the room answering it anyway. “H-hello?” I asked down the line. “September?” A male voice asked. “Speaking.” “Are you alone?” “Yeah, why?” “You think I was going to let you go that easily bitch? I almost got put into prison.” Dan? I froze not able to speak. “What I need for now is money.” He said as if it was simple. “Why on earth do you expect me to give you money?” I ask raising my voice. “Because if you stupidly decide to disobey me. I will hold you hostage forever and if you think telling your friends is a good idea, I will defianately kill every one of the boys. And the girls.. you know their punishment, well you liked it way to much, it was more of a treat for you.. you whore. Anyway, deal?” He said smugly. “How much?” I stutter. “50 thousand.” He said simply, I could picture his evil grin from the other end of the line. 50 thousand pounds is way too much.. I cant. “Hey you fucking slut, are you there or shall I just assume it’s a no and do as I revealed earlier?” “I-I cant afford it.” I sadly said, just wanting this to be over with. “Well, you thick twat, you have a boyfriend who is most likely a millionaire given as he’s in one of the most famous boybands out there.” “But you said not to tell any-“ “For fuck sake, no don’t talk to him, steal it you bloody idiot!” He laughed at my ‘stupidness’ when in actual fact I knew I couldn’t steal from Niall, after everything he’s done. “Deal?” “Okay.” “Great, you have 3 days, then I will text you the place to meet me.” He said and before I could say anything else, he hung up. I burst into tears then noticed Perrie walking towards where I was. “Hey whats up?” She asked curiously, I couldn’t tell anyone though, which was the second worst thing, stealing from Niall is by far the worst. I realised I hadn’t answered Perrie. “Just a bad memory.” I said, which wasn’t a lie to be exact, just it wasn’t the truth either. She didn’t notice though, luckily. But she wrapped her arms around me. “Sh, its okay he cant contact you ever again, hes gone.” She smiled at me, if only she knew. He’s not gone, he has just contacted me. “Thanks.” I whispered so quietly it was only just audible. “come on lets go see the others, Niall just got back!” She smiled. Niall. How could I look into his eyes after stealing from him? If anyone knows the answer then I need it now.

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