Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


14. Chapter 14

Liam’s P.O.V

“I’ll have a coffee please.” I said to the waitress at the café. She smiled at me and nodded. When she gave me my coffee I walked back to see September. I walked in without knocking and turned straight back. Niall and September? Kissing. But, how? Niall and September didn’t see, and I didn’t want to question September now.. I’ll have to ask Niall later. I knocked this time on the door. “C-come in!” Niall said after a long pause. “Hey” I said closing the door behind me. I tried to pretend that I knew nothing. “How are you both?” I asked. “Great thanks.” They said in unison grinning at eachother. I lightly laughed “Good.” I said calmly. “What about you?” September smiled. “Oh I’m okay” I smiled. “Miss Bright, can we do some check-ups on you now? Mr Horan and Payne, would you mind leaving when we do so?” A nurse asked politely. Niall and I nodded after September said of course. “Anything to tell me?” I asked Niall after wards. “Mm noo” He said with a confused look. “Hmm, that’s funny.” I paused looking at him directly “You see, I just thought if we made out with somebody.. we told them!” I said pretending to be mad, but then I started laughing. “Sorry mate, I didn’t think you saw? It’s just I don’t know if September’s ready so could you keep it to yourself eh?” Niall asked. “Sure” I smiled.

2 Day’s Later

“Miss Bright, you may leave the hospital now. Just be careful and don’t do anything to active.” The nurse said. I saw her face lighten up, and Niall’s.  Niall helped her up from the bed and passed her the crutches. She’d broken her leg and still had bruises everywhere. But in time the doctor said they’ll go. But not the scars on her. An hour later we all got back at Niall’s. September went upstairs to get changed and showered. “So, when do we have to start recording again?” Zayn asked “Em, didn’t Paul say next week?” Harry replied questioning his own answer. “I think so.” Niall said biting his lip.

September’s P.O.V


I eventually – after struggling with my broken leg – got out of the shower and into some pyjama shorts and a vest top. I quickly brushed my hair and went downstairs. “Hey!” Zayn said smiling at me. “Hey, I’m starving.” I moaned “We ordered pizza for everyone. Don’t worry.” Louis laughed. “So, what’s the plan for everything..?” I asked. “Well, we thought we’d leave or stay depending on you, meaning what you’d prefer.. either way we all understand, however we have got tours coming up, but we’ll try and see you as much as possible.” I nodded slowly taking it all in. To be honest, I was terrified. Dan wasn’t found yet.. neither was my mum who I longed to see. His friends were all on the ‘loose’ and I-I was going to be left alone again. I know it’s their job, but I don’t think I’ll manage. “yeah, I’m fine here or wherever you want or need to go.” I said putting on a smile. “We’re fine here for now but if ever anything happens, or even just if you want we’ll leave when you want.” Niall said buying my fake smile. 

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