Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


10. Chapter 10

Niall’s P.O.V

“What do you mean she’s already gone?” Harry asked. “Well, that’s what she said. But the phone didn’t hang up properly straight away.” I started. “I heard a man’s voice. I think it could be dans.” I said worrying. “look, she’s made up her mind. She would have told you, just forget it.” Harry said coldly. He was right, I am probably being paranoid. But am I willing to take the risk of being paranoid and help September? Yes, yes I am. “Whatever.” I say leaving the room. I try calling September again but it’s no use. I could go round, see if she’s in I suppose. Yeah, I’ll try and do that - may as well.  I grabbed my coat and walked quite quickly to September’s. I had a weird feeling when I was outside, like I was being followed. I listened to a couple more footsteps then finally turned around. “Oh sorry.” A man said bumping into me as he walked outside September’s house. Dan? “No its fine. Hey I’m doing this survey thing for school work, could I ask you some questions?” I asked lying, but I needed to see if this was Dan, and if he had September. “This isn’t a good time.” He grunted. “Please, it takes two ticks. And I could do with a glass of water to be honest.” I lied again. “I’ll get us both a drink then.” He said giving in. I knew he was probably up to something, was he planning on drugging me? I searched my pocket for a piece of paper. Inside the house was the same as last time. Dan came in that second, two identical glasses in his hands. I could switch them? Worth a shot. “Okay first would you mind writing your full name?” I ask passing the paper and a pen. I watched intently as he put both drinks next to each other, mine closest to me. “Sure.” He half smiled. I looked up for inspiration of a distraction. Then I saw his name ‘Daniel Carter’ On the piece of paper. I knew it.. “Hey what’s that over by the stairs?” I said pointing to a house ornament. He looked up and I switched the drinks silently. He turned around whilst I had his drink in my hand. I drank some of it, and looked at his smile. I looked as he had almost all of his. I smiled inside, and then watched as he slowly drifted into a sleep. “Yes.” I said to myself, I punched him in the face for two reasons. 1; he deserved to be dead with everything he’s done. 2; Because if he wasn’t asleep it was dangerous to search his house. Pretty pleased with his red mark on his face I decided to call out. “September?” I shout at the top of my lungs. I went into his room, nothing. September’s room, nothing still. Fear flooded my mind as I worried if she had just chosen to go on her own. I went downstairs again, and looked in the kitchen. “Fucking hell.” I yell when I see nothing, again. From the corner of my eye I saw a shed in the garden. I ran, faster than I thought I ever could. I opened the shed door and saw a pretty lifeless body, September’s. Hands chained to a heavy weight, blood covered everywhere. Face bruised and broken. I felt tears slip, and that’s when I realised why I was here, to help September, not to cry.. I saw a sharp knife on the floor, and picked it up. Then cut the cuffs round her wrist. It took a lot of pressure, but I did both eventually. Then I picked the broken September in both arms and carried her out the garden. I called Louis. “Louis, pick me up from Septembers now. Please!”

I didn’t explain anything to Louis, I needed him here, then I could explain.. Just then Louis’ car pulled up. He gasped at September’s fragile, unconscious body in my hand but surprisingly didn’t ask why. He probably knew. He helped put September in the car, I sat down and held September I gently shook her every now and then to try and wake her, but it was no use. If I’d been here sooner.. damn it.  “It’s not your fault Niall; we’re almost at the hospital.” Louis said which didn’t make me feel much better. Louis parked close to the hospital. I carefully picked September up in my arms and sped into the hospital. I rushed past reception, and found the nearest doctor. “Help, please.” The doctor didn’t ask questions yet, he pulled out a hospital bed and I placed September on it. Then he took her in a room where I couldn’t go into. I took this as my opportunity to get the police involved. September would have wanted this I think... Either way, I can’t let Dan get away with this. I quickly through shaking hands dialled 999. “What’s the emergency for?” “Police please.” I answered.

Zayn’s POV

“Hey, where did Louis and Niall go?” Harry asked randomly, like usual. I just shrugged. “Dunno mate.” Liam answered, pretty helpless. “Oh well.” Harry shrugged “Mm, what do you wanna do?” I ask bored. “Let’s get lunch?” Liam pleaded. “Ok” Harry replied standing up and grabbing his wallet. “I’ll get us some Nando’s, Liam come with and Zayn stay here to see if Louis or Niall get back.” Harry said which were pretty sensible coming from him was. I just nodded; I wasn’t really in the mood for talking right now. I don’t know why though, which I suppose is kind of weird. Ring! Ring! I looked at my ringing phone to see Louis calling. “Louis?” I say kind of stating the obvious. “Yeah, Zayn. I’m at the hospital.” I froze, what had happened? “Wh-”“It’s September, it’s happened again but worse. She’s in intensive care, Niall’s called the police, and they’re searching for him now. Could you get over here now?” I gasped, and started to take it all in.  “Yeah, I’ll be right there.” I said and he hung up. I grabbed my coat and rung Liam. I quickly explained everything. “Oh shit. Yeah, we’ll be there in a few minutes to pick you up.” He said as I hung up. “Shit.” I shouted angrily. How could we let this happen? Again. I feel so bloody useless, god knows what she’s been going through whilst we’ve just been having a laugh. I looked at the car that was reversing onto Niall’s drive. I immediately raced out the house, quickly stopping to lock the door and shot into the car. “Go.” I half shouted to Harry. I think I was shaking because Liam was looking at me and told me to calm down, and that it would all be okay. But he still looked worried himself. I buried my head in my hands and closed my eyes. “Zayn, we’re here.” Liam said nudging me. I looked up to see the ‘Boston Hospital’ sign and raced out the car along with Liam and Harry.

“Miss Bright is she here. What room?” I asked as we reached reception, probably way too fast. “Calm down, let me check.” She chuckled. She looked down intently on her computer screen. “Ah, yes she’s here are you family?” Shit. “We’re her cousins, and she’s really important to the three of us, please just let us see her.” Louis lied; he was definitely the best liar. “Oh alright.” She said probably noticing the lie. I didn’t care though, we raced to the room the lady at reception directed us too and saw a tearful Niall. “I should have found her earlier.” He cried looking into the room September was fighting for her life in. I couldn’t directly look at her without crying. I felt so bad, Niall had to save her on his own, yet he still felt guilty. “No, Niall. You did everything you could possibly do, you’re a hero. And I’m sure she’ll tell you that when she wakes up.” I said through tears. But it was true, Niall hadn’t just been called a hero by a fan for doing his job, he’d actually hopefully saved September’s life. He half smiled at what I said, which made me the slightest bit happier too. “Hello, I’m Miss Bright’s doctor, Samuel Woods. September has severe bruises, and a few broken bones. But our main worry now is she has been what I think to have been stabbed several times. We are concerned about the amount of blood that has been lost.” He said making my knees feel weak. She was fragile as it was, how she can have taken that much more is beyond me. And who in their right mind would do such a thing? “What does that mean?” Louis asked worriedly “What will happen to her?” 

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