Struggling To Let Go

September Bright moves to Boston after her father passes, leaving her best friend Niall Horan behind. Her mum moves on to an abusive step father, what will happen when she runs into Niall again? Will he be able to help her? Could she ever be happy again? But nothing lasts forever, and there always seems to be something or someone in the way..


4. ~4~

Niall’s P.O.V

I woke up stretching. “Anyone up?” I said looking round the room. It was only 7 but I couldn’t lie in this morning. I looked where September slept, her place was empty. I panicked suddenly, and started searching the other rooms. “September!” I shouted. She wasn’t there. She went home, she must of. I felt my heart start to race. She’s gone back to be beaten again. I thought to myself. “Niall shut up.” Zayn shouted, he wasn’t the ‘morning’ kinda guy. But my main priority right now, was too find September. I tried calling her, she answered. “Get off me! Please!” I heard her beg, then she started screaming. “No, please!” She screamed one last time before the line went dead. Shit. I ran out of my door to her house.

September’s P.O.V

I opened the door. “LATE.” Dan shouted, sat on the chair looking at me with a beer in his hand and 12 empty bottles the other side of him. “You know I have work today at 10, you’re WASTING our time.” He shouted angrily walking up to me slapping me on the face. “I’m sorry.” I whisper “I love you’re whispers.” He smirked. “I think it’s time for bed, don’t you think gorgeous.” He chuckled taking his trousers off. “Are you sure? You look tired; we have 2 whole weeks, remember?” I tried, but knew it wouldn’t work. “Do you think I’m stupid?” He said kicking me in the knee. I shook my head immediately. “Bed. Now.” He said pointing to his bed.

 He tore my top of and pulled my jeans and pants down violently. “Shh.” He said taping masking tape across my lips. He grabbed the knife by my bed to threaten me with. “Tread carefully baby girl.” He whispered pushing me onto the bed. He got out 4 pairs of handcuffs and chained my arms and legs to the bed post. I tried to kick him off, but he cut my stomach deeply with the knife. I yelped out in pain. “Shut it!” He roared at me, pointing the knife to my neck. I was his now. He owned me. He ripped the tape off me fast, so it hurt more. “I decided it was more fun when you’re unconscious. Don’t worry I know we only have two hours but it’ll be worth it and we have later, but actually tonight I’m with Angella, my daughter – remember? She’s less fussy then you. I’ll be right back, just getting the drugs.” I noticed my phone ringing. Niall. I managed to answer it, but I couldn’t say anything – Dan was back in the room now.

 “Here you go baby.” He whispered. “Get off me! Please!” I beg but he stabs me in the stomach again. I screamed in pain, it was harder this time. He looked at my phone. Fuck,fuck,fuck. “No please.” I beg, as he threw it out the window. I screamed again as he punched me knocking me out onto the bed. I was hardly awake when he said “Bye baby girl, see you at 9 in the morning tomorrow. And don’t even think about leaving this house, I’ll be checking.” I don’t know if he knew I was awake. I kept my eyes tightly shut. I felt his lips attach to mine. I felt like screaming but pretended to be asleep instead. He left and I opened my eyes. I was still chained to the bed, naked with his top on? Did he think this was funny? I pulled the cover over me. I remembered I had no phone, and nobody to help me. Unless.. actually no. I suddenly felt an unbearable pain in my stomach. “Oww!” I screamed out. “Help?” I cried, but it was hopeless. “September!” I heard a faint shout. Niall? I said nothing, I had nothing left. I cried again, and again after that. Niall ran in the room, looking at me. “Oh my god.” He gasped at the broken lamp, the blood covered knife and cover, the tears on my face. “Niall” I barely whispered. He went to the hand cuffs to try and unlock them. He did after he found the key in the draw. My wrists were free again, I rubbed them because they hurt – the hand cuffs were tight. He unlocked my legs next. I wriggled out of them and shut my eyes tight - pulling the cover completely over me in embarrassment. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.” Niall said, I started crying “You were here, you always have been.” I cried still, I was in pain still and I felt bad for Niall having to see me like this. He hugged me “I’m staying here tonight.” He whispered, playing with my hair. “No, you can’t he’s back at 9 tomorrow, and checking on me. You can’t or he’ll just get angrier!” I said shaking my head. “I am staying. I’ll hide somewhere, I don’t know. But you need somebody with you right now.” “Please Niall; I don’t want you getting hurt.” I pleaded. He shook his head. I grabbed some clothes and shoved them on quickly while Niall waited outside. I was nervous for him staying tonight, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Did the others go to school?” I ask, changing the topic. Niall nodded biting his lip. He did this when he was worrying or nervous. But he looked so… hot when he did it. I felt a sudden pain in my stomach again. I winced out in pain.

 “We should take you to the hospital.” I immediately shook my head. “Nobody can know, you have to promise me Niall.” I said sternly. He looked in deep thought for a moment “Okay. I promise.” He said after a long silence. I hugged him, but not too tight so it wouldn’t hurt.

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