she's different.

amy is a belieber, she's in love with Justin.
Amy and her best friend jess go see Justin in concert and amy get's asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and that's when Justin realises that she's different
he drags her of to his dressing room to ask her if she wants to stay back stage for the rest of the show but when Justin's on stage she gets kicked out.
Justin ends up coming of stage to find she's missing and go's out to find her and when he does find her .... read to find out!


4. your awake!

it was 2:12 and I was still awake but amy wasn't, im starting to get worried now! I was looking at the wall when I felt a tight squeeze on my hand, AMY!!



as I woke up I was in a lot of pain, what happened?! my eyes where still closed I could feel someone's had in my hand I squeezed it tight and opened my eye's and all I could see was Justin.

- AMY! 

- arrr ow

- shhhhh shhh shhh its ok your ok.

- Justin?

- yeah?

- what happened?

I was glad Justin was the first one I saw when I woke up.

- i'll explain later!

just then the doors opened and a doctor walked in

- Amy, Your  awake!, thank god, we thought we lost you!

- ok?

- its ok to be a pit confused, how are you feeling?

1 word, pain

- pain!

- we will get you something to take away the pain, wont be long.

I looked at Justin who still had his hand in mine, he smiled at me.

- what you looking at beautiful?

- someone very handsome. I said with a chuckle.

are we flirting?

- why thank you. he said with a smirk.

the doctor came walking in with a tablet he mad me swallow it with out a drink.

- better? the doctor asked me.

- yes thanks

- ok,good, ill leave you two alone, night.

he walked out and closed the doors behind him, night?


-im so happy your awake! I thought I lost you.

- you thought you lost me? she said with a smile.

- yeah,no,yeah,erm yes. make your mind up Justin!

- oh,ok?

great now I have confused her!

I think I like her! how she's just a belieber of twitter, no, but she's different! she's kind,funny,beautiful.

- how you felling now? I asked her

- a bit better thanks.

- good.

she laughed

she turned her head to the other side but quickly turned it back round.

- what is it!

- JESS!!

- what about her?


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