she's different.

amy is a belieber, she's in love with Justin.
Amy and her best friend jess go see Justin in concert and amy get's asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and that's when Justin realises that she's different
he drags her of to his dressing room to ask her if she wants to stay back stage for the rest of the show but when Justin's on stage she gets kicked out.
Justin ends up coming of stage to find she's missing and go's out to find her and when he does find her .... read to find out!


7. will you?


she put her head phones in and closed her eyes.

that's when i decided to get a drink. i left the room to get some water and when i came back she was sleeping like an angle. there's something different about her.

walked up to her and picked up her phone to see what she was listing to, me. aww how cute. she was listing to baby.

i went through her contacts and decided to put my number in, i couldn't help my self. that's when she woke up.

- Justin? what are you doing with my phone?

- you'll see.


he walked round to sit on a bed next to me! he pulled the bed right next to mine and sat on it putting is feet up.

that's when i got a message:

               from Justin the Dumbo

                hello beautiful, how you feeling?

- really Justin, really.

- yep.

i text him back:


       to Justin the Dumbo

     hey Dumbo, im feeling better thanks.:)

        from Amy

 - good!

- erm Amy?

- yah.

- i need to tell you something, but i don't no how to say it.

- then don't, text me.

- ok.

a few seconds later i got a message.

        from Justin the Dumbo

      ok, i don't know how 2 ask you this but the second i found you on twitter and made you my OLLG i cant stop thinking about how funny,kind, beautiful you are. your different. will you, erm, be, my..........girlfriend?

oh my god!! Justin Bieber asking me to be his girlfriend no way!!!!

i looked at him and got out of bed slowly, he didn't see me he was looking at his phone.

i got to his bed and sat down in a bit of pain but i ignored it, he new i was there but he chose not to look up.

i moved his head so he was facing me, looking into my eyes, i pushed him closer and kissed him, i could feel his smile and im pretty sure he could feel mine.

- wow!

- thanks. i said with a huge smile on my face.

- will you?

- what kind of question's that? of Corse i will.

i smiled then kissed me again. i cant believe it, Justin bieber's my boyfriend!!!! 



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