she's different.

amy is a belieber, she's in love with Justin.
Amy and her best friend jess go see Justin in concert and amy get's asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and that's when Justin realises that she's different
he drags her of to his dressing room to ask her if she wants to stay back stage for the rest of the show but when Justin's on stage she gets kicked out.
Justin ends up coming of stage to find she's missing and go's out to find her and when he does find her .... read to find out!


3. please wake up!!

everyone rushed to me and took Amy of the floor and put her on a spare bed and rushed her upstairs while other people were helping me up and asking me if I was alright!

- Get her up stairs NOW!! a doctor shouted.

- Are you ok kid?! a nurse asked me

- yes im fine but I need to go with her NOW!

- yes of Corse but we need to get you checked out first!

WHAT? I wasn't even there when it happened I just need to get to her and they want to check me out!

- NO I wasn't even there when it happened she got kicked out from my concert.

- your conce- your JUSTIN BIEBER!

- yes I need to get to her!! NOW!!  

- yes of Corse!

I ran upstairs to find that there was loads of doctors round her, I ran towards her but someone stopped me.

- hold on there mate, we need to sort her out and then you can see her, ok?

- ok.

I walked out and sat on a chair opposite the room, they closed the door.

about an hour past and a doctor came out.

- Justin... can I talk to you?

- yes, sure!

- right, we have sorted her out the best we can but we are not sure if she's going to wake up.


- were sorry, we need to hope for the best, her injury's are more serious then we thought, it looks like she was mugged and when she tried to fight back she was stabbed. and she has broken her left wrist. we have sorted the stab wound out but if it gets worse we might have to do an operation and the wrist if fine we have put it in a cast.

- oh my gosh!!, can I see her now, PLEASE!!

- yes of Corse, this way!

I followed the doctor in the room to find her laying there sleeping like an angle. she's beautiful, stop it Justin stop it!

I sat down on a chair besides her and got hold of her hand.

- can you leave us alone please!

- of Corse. the doctors walked out and closed the doors behind them.

- come on Amy wake up, please!

but she didn't, please wake up!!   

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