she's different.

amy is a belieber, she's in love with Justin.
Amy and her best friend jess go see Justin in concert and amy get's asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and that's when Justin realises that she's different
he drags her of to his dressing room to ask her if she wants to stay back stage for the rest of the show but when Justin's on stage she gets kicked out.
Justin ends up coming of stage to find she's missing and go's out to find her and when he does find her .... read to find out!


8. home alone!


she kissed me, i mean , SHE KISSED ME!

- i love you amy

- love you too Justin

just then a doctor walked in.

- ok Amy you can go home now, your fine.

- really that's great!

she looked at me and smiled, i couldn't help my self and smile back.

- you may leave when your ready. the doctor walked out and left me and Amy alone.

- where you of after we leave?

i asked her wanting to know.

- oh probably to my house.

- your house?

- yeah im 18 i can have my own house you know!

she's 18, that's great.

- well me and jess's house.

- right.

- but she wont be home till tomorrow she stays at her mums Fridays. you wanna come round.

- sure that sound fun.


i got of the bed and limped over to my shoes, i may just have a broken wrist and a stab wound but it does feel like they kicked me as well.

- wait don't put your shoes on ill carry you to the car.

Justin said with a smirk.

- Justin be car-

he cut me of by picking me up like a just married couple would do.

- Justin stop it!

- im sorry you wanna walk?

- no! carry on.

we got to his car and i got in, still in some pain but i could cope!

he got in, in the other side.

i gave him directions to my house and he pulled up in the drive.

he opened the car door for me and lifted me out the same way he did at the hospital. he put me down and i opened the door. i walked in with no shoes on and Justin followed and closed he door behind him.

- wow nice place

- thanks.

i sat on the couch and lifted up my top. it didn't look very nice so i put down my top and Justin came and sat next to me.

- thank you.

- for what?

- for saving my life.

- its no problem, its not every day you fall in love and then save there life.

he smiled then winked at me.

i cuddled up to him and we turned on the tv. about an hour and a half passed because it was 10:30 when i looked at the clock.

- hey, wont your mum want to know what happened. Justin asked me.

- oh, my, mum, yeah i don't know where she is, or my dad they left me when i was 1 year old. i had a foster mum and dad  but when i turned 18 my foster mum died and my foster dad couldn't cope and ran away so that's why i moved in with jess. 

- oh, sorry for asking.

- no its fine im glad i told someone.

he pecked my lips and turned the telly of.

- right, were of out.

- where?

- well even though you don't have a mum, i need to tell my mum that im alright seen as i didn't come home last night.

he looked down at me and smiled.

- wonder who's fault that is. i said with a sarcastic voice.

- i have no idea.

we went to go get my shoes but i had left them in his car so he opened the door and told me he wont be a seconded.

while he was getting my shoes, i stood up and i fell on the floor in pain. i couldn't move, it hurt so much. like someone has just stabbed me again. i could hear Justin unlocking his car door. i didn't have much time i had to try and get up of the floor, but i cant it hurts to much. what do i do i don't want Justin to worry!    

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