she's different.

amy is a belieber, she's in love with Justin.
Amy and her best friend jess go see Justin in concert and amy get's asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and that's when Justin realises that she's different
he drags her of to his dressing room to ask her if she wants to stay back stage for the rest of the show but when Justin's on stage she gets kicked out.
Justin ends up coming of stage to find she's missing and go's out to find her and when he does find her .... read to find out!


2. AMY!!!


I took her down the hall to my dressing room and closed the door behind us.

- OMG, im in Justin bieber's dressing room! she said witch made me laugh.

- yep you are. I said with a chuckle.

she looked around to take it all in.

- whats your name beautiful?

- amy

she said with a huge smile on her face!

- erm hey iv gotta go back on stage, you want to stay back hear?

- erm, yeah sure.

- ok.

I smiled at her and walked out the door!

after I got of stage and walked in to my dressing room but amy wasn't there. where has she-

of Corse I forgot to tell security that I said she could stay, dam it.

she could be waiting out side for me. or back in the crowd.

I got on stage to finish the show and as I finished the show I looked into the crowed to see if she was there but there was no sighn of her!!  NO!

I ran of stage after saying bye and ran out side but before I could scooter stopped me.

- where do you think your going kid?!

- out!

- ok, take Kenny or don't get court!

- sure thing.

I ran out side with my hat over my eyes so know one could spot me, she was know where to be seen so I got my car keys and jumped in my car.

I drove along the road and I couldn't see her or her friend anywhere! just before I gave up I saw this girl limping along the path, AMY!! she was limping and bleeding every where!

I parked my car just a little behind her and got out in a rush, but the time I got out she had stopped and collapsed on the floor, I ran as fast as I could until I reached her.

- AMY, AMY, AMY!!!!!

she's not waking up what do I do!!

that's when I decided to pick her up and put her in my car, there was no time to call 911.

I got in the other side and drove of as fast as I could.

I finally got to the hospital and ran out and ran to the other side I picked her out and she hadn't woken up, it was pitch black out side and no one was to be seen I ran in the double doors to find people staring at me as I dropped to the floor and Amy fell out of my arms.    


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