When a girls life is slowly going down hill it makes a turn for the better.. Or does it? Once she starts dating Harry Styles from one direction she starts getting hate and death threats. She slowly starts losing everything. Will she be able to turn her life around before its too late?


2. First Day of 9th Grade

As I approach the school I start thinking about all the bullying that went on last year. And how lucky I was to have Savannah. Shes my only friend. I don't really know why people hate me.

*Flash Back*

It was the beginning of 8th grade, my best friend Lesley and I were walking into the school together. We look for a place to sit down. "Oh my god look at the shoes Maddy is wearing today, I wonder where she got them. The Thrift Shop?" Lesley said. I just decided to ignore the comment she made. "Don't tell me you like her Heather?! Shes a snob?!" .. I pretended not to hear her. Maddy was so pretty and loved by everyone, I don't know why Lesley hated her so much?

  later that day everyone started coming up to me asking "why did you call maddy ugly and that she sleeps around with everyone?" at that point I became so confused. At the end of the day Maddy came up to me.. "Why are you spreading all those dirty things about me?" she said. "I have no clue what your talking about?" I said softly. "yes you do. Lesley told me everything you said about me! How could you? Everyone hates you now. So don't bother trying to spread your lies anymore. No one will believe you." she says while walking away.

*Flash back over*

Now I remember Lesley ruined everything. Just then I felt someone touch my shoulder, It was Savannah.

Savannah: Hey! Im so glad you came! But guess what?!

Me: What?

Savannah: One direction is coming to our state today!!

Me: Oh my gosh! your joking??

Savannah : Nope! Only if we could see them though..

Me: that would be great, but I have no money for concert tickets..

 *Bell Rings*

Savannah: Ill catch up with you later girl! I have to get to class! Bye

Me: Bye.

I slowly started walking down the hall thinking about what savannah said earlier. I really wanted to go to their concert but I couldn't afford the tickets.

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