When a girls life is slowly going down hill it makes a turn for the better.. Or does it? Once she starts dating Harry Styles from one direction she starts getting hate and death threats. She slowly starts losing everything. Will she be able to turn her life around before its too late?


4. After school.

I walked in the door after school and find that no one was home. so I go upstairs to my room and put my ipod on shuffle. The first song to be played was "Live While Were Young- One Direction'. After doing that I decided that maybe I should get started on the 10 page essay that I have to do for English class. I honestly don't know why she makes me write this stuff, It honestly doesn't help me. The only thing it teaches me is how to get a cramp in my hand. I got about two pages done until I had to stop. My mind kept wondering off to one direction and what its going to be like tonight. Will it be magical? Will it be the best night of my life? What am I saying ?! Of course it will be, It's one direction!

I lay on my bed and wait for Savannah to call me and tell me to start getting ready, but as I wait I drift off to sleep. I wake up and its 7:32 I look at my phone and I have 16 missed calls from Savannah! Oh my god I hope its not too late! What if they already left?! I quickly grab my phone and dial Savannahs number. "Common, Common! Savannah pick up!" .. No answer. I decide to call again, this time she picks up :

Savannah: Girl! why didn't you answer the first 100 times I called!! We got 30 minutes before we have to leave if we want to make it there on time!

Me: Oh my god! Savannah Im so sorry! I fell asleep! I will be there in 15 minutes!

Savannah: You better hurry! we cant wait forever ! me and Jersey will wait as long as we can! Just hurry.. please.

Me: Okay ! See you soon!

*Call ends*

I quickly jump out of bed and go to my closet. I pull out my skinny jeans and my black "teenage runaway" shirt and put them on. I run to the bathroom and brush out my hair and turn on the straightener. while I'm waiting on the straightener to heat up I decide to run down stairs to the laundry room and match a pair of sock and quickly put them on. "I'm such a fucking mess!" I say out loud. I run back upstairs and put on my converse all stars and head back to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror and think "I must be crazy thinking that Harry Styles would ever like me, my messy blonde hair, my dull green eyes. What possibly would he like IF he did."... "Shit! I have to hurry!" I say. I straighten my hair and I have 5 minutes left until I have to leave. so I grab my black beanie and slip it on, then I apply my eyeliner. "I don't think I need any cover up on, my face is already clear." I thought . Before I left the house I wrote mom a sloppy note that said "Going out  with savannah, be back soon. Love you. xx" hung it on the fridge and out the door I went.

I made it to Savannahs house without a moment to spare, we quickly got into the car and drove off. The car ride was nothing but silence, I'm pretty sure they were mad because I almost made them miss the biggest moment of they're lives. I finally decided to speak up:

Me: Hey guys... I'm sorry I almost made us late.

Savannah: Girl! Your fine! Don't worry about it, all that matters is that were going and were going to be there on time!

Jersey: Yeah, Its okay. Don't worry about it!

I honestly felt a lot better once I knew they weren't pissed off. And I must say Jersey and Savannah looked amazing! Jersey was wearing her pink what makes you beautiful shirt with dark skinny jeans and her converse with stars on them. While Savannah was wearing her blue and red shirt that said "I heart boys with accents" with light blue skinny jeans and her black converse. Yeah we weren't the type that dressed all slutty just to get a guys attention, we have self respect. We drove about 15 minutes before jersey said "Heather I love your beanie! It's so rad! I wanted to wear mine but I forgot it!".. "Thank you!" I said.

we finally arrived at the huge stadium. I was a bit nervous about walking in and seeing all kinds of people. I'm not good around big crowds, but it was worth it, because I get to see one direction! We walked in and found our seats. we had about 10 minutes until the boys came out so we had a little small talk.

Jersey: I cant wait until the boys come out. especially Liam! I love him!

Savannah: Yes! We all know Jersey, your a Liam girl but what about Niall? he's gonna look too hot! and Heather your a Harry girl right?

Me: Yes I am

Then all of a sudden the lights go dim, and the beat of what makes you beautiful starts to play! the crowd went crazy! we all started to sing along "your insecure, don't know what for, you turn heads when you walk through the door, don't need make up, to cover up, being the way that your are is enough!" It was the best thing I've ever experienced ! I thought to myself "This was what I've been waiting for" .. I decided to pinch myself to see if this was a dream.. But no, it wasn't. It was reality! the boys sang their hearts out and I was so proud! Niall finally said into the microphone "You guys are amazing! but after this song were going to have to go!" .. The last thing they sang was moments. Savannah, Jersey and I decides to put our hands in the air and move them back and forth slowly. Before we knew it the whole crowd was doing it!.. The song finally ended and the boys thanked us all for coming and told us they hoped we had a lovely night then they went off stage. "Was this it? I mean , what did I expect?" I thought to myself.

Me Savannah and Jersey were the last people to exit the stadium. We noticed everyone was gone and that was so weird of them to vanish so fast? But who cares. Jersey Savannah and I took a seat outside of the stadium looking up at the stars.

Jersey: Savannah, thank you sooo much for brining me , it meant a lot, I really enjoyed myself! Thank you!

Me: Yeah Savannah!, Thank you ! I had an amazing time and I would've never got to a concert if it wasn't for you.. thank you!

Savannah: Your welcome! what would be the point in coming to something so great alone? So of course I was going to bring my best friends!

Just then we heard the doors behind us open, we heard deep husky voices and laughter coming up behind us.. could it be who I think it is?

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