the vampire hunter

Louis, Rocky, and Brensyn are brother and sister Louis is the oldest at 21, Rocky is the second oldest at 18, and brensyn is the youngest at 12. There parents were killed by vampires when they were younger and now they are vampire hunters. But Brensyn has a secret that only she and her mum used to know about and when Rocky meets a boy who is a vampire, secrets will be un cover, old friends reunited, and one certin enemy will come forth a story of love, secerts, friends, enemys, and loss.


2. a new friend...... made by mistake.

*1 week later*

Rocky's POV: its been a week since Brensyn went hunting and me and Lou have been taking turns taking her hunting. Well today I went alone. I was running through the woods when I saw an unusual sight. a vampire chasing another vampire! I shot the vampire who was chasing the other vampire and ran off. I ran until I hit a tree....


Rocky's POV: I woke up tied to a bed, I tried tugging at the ropes but the wouldn't budge. "there's no use trying." a voice said. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" I yelled. "no need to yell either, love." the voice said again. A figure walk out of the shadow. "I'm Niall. You saved me from the vampire who was chasing me." Niall said. "Well I didn't mean to!" I snapped at him. "feisty one I see." he grinned. "LET ME GO!!!" I screamed. "alright, alright! I'll let you go for a drink." he said. I silently nodded. he walked over and lent down. I braced myself, but I felt nothing. "I can't bite you." he said shocked. "what?" I said. "I can't bite you." he said again. "Well can I go now?" I asked. "yes, you may. But every night you must come back and help me or I'll hurt your brother and sister!" he said. "ok." I said. he untied me and I raced back home. when I got home I saw what time it was, 12:00. "Where were you?!" an angry Louis yelled. "I got into a little trouble no worries." I said. "where's brensyn?" I said. "She's asleep. she wanted to wait on you but she fell asleep." he said. "oh." I said. I yawned and Louis said, "go get some rest." I nodded and went up to Brensyn's bedroom, kissed her forehead, and walked out. I went to my bed and fell asleep.

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