Kidnapped By One Direction...

Beth is kidnapped by One Direction. Ever girls dream right ?? Well not Beth's. She hates One Direction. She thinks they are just another crappy boyband that will soon fade away. What happens if she falls for one of the boys ?? Will they ever let her go ?? Find out !!


2. Trying to get out.


Zayn's P.O.V


I didn't exactly knew what we were going to do with Beth, but knowing Harry and Louis she wouldn't come out of here soon. Niall walked into the room and walked right away towards the kitchen. God this boy is ALWAYS hungry. He came out with a bag of crisps and layed down on the other couch. Hey mate i said. He casuaaly waved and started shoving the crisps into his mouth. 


After a while Louis walked in. Where is Beth ?? He asked. Niall brought her upstairs to her room i said and turned my attention back to the movie we were watching. What are you going to do to her Lou ?? Niall asked. I dunno he casually replied and throwed himself on the couch. You don't know ?? I asked. Then what's the point of having her here ?? Well, She's hot and she isn't your everyday girl. That makes me like her. Well i'm sure she thinks you're a dickhead Liam said as he walked through the backdoor inside the house. I got Nando's !! I'll get Beth Louis said.



Louis' P.O.V


I'll get Beth i said. I got up from the couch and walked upstairs. When i opened her door i saw she was trying to get out of the window which she somehow unlocked. What the hell do you think you're doing i said in an angry voice. She frowned and turned around. I walked up to her and grabbed hr shoulder. She winced in pain. I asked you something i said through my clenched teeth. She said nothing and looked at the ground. I slapped her across her face. OW ! She screamed and grabbed her face. I SAID WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ??!! What does it look like she screamed. I tried to get out of this hellhole she said a little bit more quieter. Well you aren't getting out of here i said. We're going to eat. I'm not hungry she whispered. I don't care you're eating i said as i grabbed her wrist and pulled her with me down the stairs. 


After we all ate Beth got upstairs again. Okay guys just to get this clear. She was about to escape before dinner. We need to make sure everything is locked i said. Did you lock the window Harry asked. Of course i did Styles. I'm not stupid. You're sleeping with her tonight. No rules you can do anything you want just make sure she doesn't escape got it ?? I asked. Got it he nodded


Beth's P.O.V


I was on my room again. I paced back ond forth around my room. I was so so close to leaving. If he came in two minutes later i was gone. I sighed and layed down on my bed. I looked at my wrists. They used to be so clean. And then 5 years ago It happened.. I rubbed the scars that were on my wrists. I grabbed my phone and started texting my best friend. Maybe she could help me out ?? Just when i was about to click send my phone was ripped out of my hands. When i looked up i saw Harry. And what does pretty girl think she's doing ?? He asked...



Will Beth get out ??

What will Harry do ??

What happened to Beth ??


Tell me what YOU think should happen and what you think of this chapter. Hope you liked this chapter x



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