Kidnapped By One Direction...

Beth is kidnapped by One Direction. Ever girls dream right ?? Well not Beth's. She hates One Direction. She thinks they are just another crappy boyband that will soon fade away. What happens if she falls for one of the boys ?? Will they ever let her go ?? Find out !!


6. Tell them.. Or not..



Beth's P.O.V


He had probably told them. They were all staring. Not just normal quick looks and looking away then like a normal person that you barely knew would do. No. Real staring like they had saw a ghost or something. I didn't say a single thing but just looked at the ground hoping they would soon leave me alone. Then finally someone spoke up. It was Niall. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. "Is it true Beth? Is is true what Louis told us?" Again i didn't speak but kept on looking at the ground my feet or the table. "GODDAMNIT BETH!" Niall screamed all of sudden. "Just tell me. Yes or no?"

Then it was like something snapped in me. I stood up and faced him with probably the anger seeable on my face. "DO YOU EVEN CARE? YOU GUYS WERE THE ONES THAT BROUGHT ME TO THIS HELLHOLE!" After i said that i fell back on my chair and looked down again. "Sorry i-i didn't mean to scream at you like that" I said with tears starting to form in my eyes. Then Liam stood up and walked towards me without saying a word. First i thought he was going to do something to me so in a reflex i covered my face with my hands. But he reached his hand out to me with a caring little smile on his face. "Come on love. We're going outside for a while". I grabbed his hand and we walked outside together and sat at the pool for a while..


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