Kidnapped By One Direction...

Beth is kidnapped by One Direction. Ever girls dream right ?? Well not Beth's. She hates One Direction. She thinks they are just another crappy boyband that will soon fade away. What happens if she falls for one of the boys ?? Will they ever let her go ?? Find out !!


1. Taken By The Boys.



Louis' P.O.V


Goddamnit it Harry just slap her knock out i said in anger. How ?? He asked. With a honkbalbet ?? For example i said. Harry grabbed the bet and silently followed the girl we were about to kidnapp. Harry was right behind her and quickly slapped her with the bet. She fell to the ground and Harry throwed her over his shoulder. He quickly came into our car and seated her in one of the chairs. Did you get her Zayn asked. Of course i did Harry growled. Liam !! I screamed. Let's go. 


** Skipping Ride Home **


Beth's P.O.V


I woke up with a massive headache in some sort of car ?? I couldn't move because both my hands and feet were tied. I started wiggling in my chair. Lads. She's awake i heard a voice say. The next moment i felt someone ripping the ducktape of my mouth. OW i screamed. Then the car stopped driving and the doors openend. I was picked up and thrown over someone's back. Hey ! Put me down. I slammed the boy's back. When we got into what i assumed was a house i was throwed on a couch. A boy with black hair untied the ropes from my arms and legs. Wh- I started but i was quickly cut off by a boy with a brown quiff and a large bird tattoo on his arm. I am Louis. Louis Tomlinson. Thanks for the information i said sarcastically. Can i go now ?? No Louis said. The rest of the boys introduced themselves too. And you are Harry said. Why the hell would i tell you curly ?? I spat at him. Wrong answer he said and grabbed my wrists. He turned my arms behind my back and pushed them up. I whimpered in pain. So love i am going to tell you again. What is your name ?? I didn't say anything and just looked at the ground. Harry pushed my arms further on my back. I am going to ask you one more time he whispered in my ear. Who.Are.You ?? I am Beth i said and sighed. Good girl harry said as he let my wrists go. I rubbed both of my wrists and looked at him with an angry face. Awh. Is pretty girl mad ?? Zayn said with a baby voice. Shut up i spat. We're having a little bit of an attitude don't we ?? Liam said. I said nothing but just sat down and crosses my arms. C'mon love i'll show you your room Niall said. He didn't say a single rude thing to me and therefore i liked him. He offered me his hand and i took it. I walked behind him up the stairs. He led me into the first room on the right side. It was a pretty big and beautiful room. I hated them but i needed to admit they had a pretty good tase. I'll cal you when dinner is ready okay Niall said and smiled at me. Okay i said and shrugged. He closed the door behind him and left me alone. I walked around the room for a while thinking how i was going to get out of this hellhole. Then something hit my mind.


** Well ?? What did you guys think of the first chapter ?? Hope you guys like it. **



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