Kidnapped By One Direction...

Beth is kidnapped by One Direction. Ever girls dream right ?? Well not Beth's. She hates One Direction. She thinks they are just another crappy boyband that will soon fade away. What happens if she falls for one of the boys ?? Will they ever let her go ?? Find out !!


4. Free ??



** Heeyy Guys. I haven't updated in a while i know. But you guys should REALLY give me ideas for the story. Well i hope you like this one. :D **


Beth's P.O.V


I tried to open the door. Of course it was locked. I walked into the livingroom on my tiptoes and found Louis sleeping on the couch with the keys in his hands. I succesfully freed the keys out of his hand. I walked towards the door again and opened it. I walked out and shut the door behind me. Then i ran as hard as i could. I didn't care where i went as long as i was gone.


After a while of running i figured i was far enough gone. Thank god i had managed to get my phone and money. I walked to the nearby hotel. I paid for the night and went too find my room. When i was upstairs i went right away to my bed and fell asleep.


Louis' P.O.V


When i woke up next morning i knew something was wrong i just didn't know what. I went upstairs to get everyone out of their beds. When everyone was out i went to Harry and Beth their room. I opened the door and found only Harry in bed. I ran too him and shook him awake. Harry !! Harry !! HARRY ??!!!! What ??!! He screamed. Where is Beth ?? I asked him. He looked at me with a weird look on his face. What do you mean where is Beth ?? He turned around. Beth is right- Oh god.. We need too go and find her !! Zayn Liam Niall !! Dress now !! We are going to find that bitch.


When everyone was dressed we quickly had breakfast and went out the door. OKay we are all going another way i said. We need too find her !! When you find her take her home. We will make sure she never runs away again. What are you going too do too her Lou ?? Zayn asked. We will see i said. But i will make sure it is something that makes her never gonna run away ever again. Okay let's go i said. We all went a different direction too find her.


After a while of looking i came across a little hotel. It was a hotel i had stayed before. I knew the people really well. I walked in and went straight away to the counter. Lou the girl exclaimed. I haven't seen you in a long time. I know i smiled it's been much too long. What can i do for you she asked. I know you can't give me any of the costumers their names but is a girl named Beth Green staying here. She checked the computer. You're in luck Tomlinson she is. But i can't give you her room number unless i know what you are going too do. She's my girlfriend i want to surprise her i said. Well in that case it's room 316 here's the key. Thankyou i said. I walked up the stairs to room 316 and opened the door...


What will Louis do ??


What will happen too Beth ??


** A short chappie for you guys !! Hope you like it LoveYou x **





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