The Guardians of Death (Life after death competition)

My entry for the Life after Death competition, but with a twist.


3. After death

Let us once more speak of irony and it’s irrevocably strong bond with humanity.

They are under the illusion that the milky glow that covers the eyes of the dead is their way of showing that they can no longer see. This is a harsh reality indeed for those who mourn you.

It is my duty to inform you that this is not true.

You have died and as your eyes take on that glazed and cloudy look you have finally realised your true potential of seeing everything there is to see.

You can now see the shadowy figures and hear the voices of your childhood. You can stare the beast in the eye until it cowers and quakes from the power in your gaze. You stand on Freedom’s right hand side, your hand clasped in hers as you are handed over to me. I now take your other hand and lead you away from Freedom, now smiling and crying with happiness. You do not need her anymore. Isn’t that wonderful?

You may only have been casual acquaintances in your short existence on Earth but in this place you have known her forever. You’re free now and she does not need to guide you on your path anymore. You have reached the end of that materialistic route and now I can show you where to go to next.

I can see it in your eyes. You recognise me already and this is in some small way, a saddening truth. You shouldn’t have to recognise me. If you hadn’t been warped by your friends, neighbours, relatives or the snarling beast, you would have greeted me as an old friend you met many years ago.

I should be thankful however, that you even have the capability to recognise me now.

This is some small solace indeed.

Your death is not the end, dear child. Let me assure of that.

Your eyes swivel around in shock and amazement at the white mass in this space between time. You see things that I do not for in your freedom, and with your hope, you are creating your own world that I cannot see.

I cannot see what you do not want to share, but I can help you and offer you the care you need now. This time will be difficult for you. You need not eat, nor drink, though if you wish to then of course you may. You can talk with relatives deceased from before your own death, sit and gaze at those still living. You can watch your family grow and age, and when the time comes they will be here to welcome you home.

Ah! There they are now, your aunts, uncles, grandparents and those who you may have never met. Your eyes round in amazement as you take in one figure in the crowd smiling and waving at you. You never did trace your family tree did you? You lucky person, you, he is quite a person to be related to.

I’ll leave you here now for you to decide how to live this stage of your creation. We have known each other for a long while haven’t we, dear friend? You may have forgotten me but I can promise you that we will be well known to each other from this point on.

I am Humanity, and I am your past, future and present.

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