Where the birds fly

Rose Summerton. Nine years ago, a girl went missing. At 7 years old, she had been the spoilt and rich child of Samantha and Jasper Summerton, who run the biggest designer clothes shop in the world.

Scarlett Morris. A normal girl with a normal life. Living with normal parents and normal friends. At 16 she feels like she's only lived for 9 years of her life. No memories to go on. She is asked to write an autobiography about herself for school.

Two girls, two different lives... but what if it's not that simple?


2. Violet Summerton - SPOILT KID

I'm always in her shadow. Do they think i'm meant to be her clone? Its been years and not a day has gone without "Oh my beutiful baby Rose!" and worse "She was perfect!".

I'm Violet Summerton, the only human being that is a shadow of a dead girl. Apparently, i had some perfect little sister when i was little, one that i have completely forgotten about, but of course mum and dad haven't. She went missing ages ago, shes probably dead now. Anyway, i just got my report from school today and i hid it under my bed but of course the schoool had to email it to mum and dad aswell. So, i got an earful of all the rubbish you get after failing all your end of years...

" Oh Violet! Every year!" mum shouted.

"Do you know how much your educaition costs?" Dad asked, it was meant to be rhetorical but i answered it anways.

" $10,000 a year." i replied.

After that the conversaition drifted on about how disrespectful and spoilt i was. Then they told me to go to my room, thats the thing i don't understand about my parents, they tell me to go to my room,the place where all my stuff is.

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