Where the birds fly

Rose Summerton. Nine years ago, a girl went missing. At 7 years old, she had been the spoilt and rich child of Samantha and Jasper Summerton, who run the biggest designer clothes shop in the world.

Scarlett Morris. A normal girl with a normal life. Living with normal parents and normal friends. At 16 she feels like she's only lived for 9 years of her life. No memories to go on. She is asked to write an autobiography about herself for school.

Two girls, two different lives... but what if it's not that simple?


1. Scarlett Morris - FRIDAY

" IT'S AMAZING!!!" sometimes quotes get tiring and annoying, but Blue never gets old, she's repeated that around forty times but i cant help but laugh, a typical friday night . It was around 6:30, friday night (TGIF) when Blue my bestie comes round mine screaming as the doorbell sounds.


" Blue?"

"Oh...my ....god Red!" she shrieks, yeah, i'm Red, my names Scarlett but thats just fancy for: Red and Blue is Sapphire my best friend whos been around since forever and looks like will be around for the rest of my forever - dont get me wrong, Blue's awsome but sometimes shes gets a bit much, as in WILD! AAAHHH!!!, type of girl, I'm more of the 'dare myself to scoff a huge packet of popcorn and all the junk in the house while watching a Harry Potter movie marathon, then feel guilty later' kind of girl, but anyways, back to what happened.

" Sunday, 9:30, youre coming with me!!!" she whispered.

"huh?" i said confused, it was a cold autumn evening and i was at the door talking to my lunatic friend and she was whispering jibberish, theres absoloutely no excuse for me to be confused, this is normal.

" i can't tell you here" she gasped as if that was obvious.

"oh right. Come in." I muttered.




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