This story is from the point of view of Chief Alili. The story is about the struggle to keep her village safe from outsiders.


2. The Story

A fast pace game of gognut catching was taking place. Gognuts are tiny pink and blue fearies with long silvery wings, the aim of the game is to catch the gognut before anyone else. The gognuts flew around at the speed of light, whizzing around making loud humming noises.  A gognut zoomed past a player named Bocjab. He stretched his arm out and caught it in his large fingers. Finally we had a winner. Bocjab was a very tall man, he had brown hair which was styled in some sort of wave, he had deep red eyes and multiple scars over his body.  He had a blank expression on his face, I wasn’t sure is he was happy about winning.

“Congratulations Bocjab you have won the annual game of gognut catching” I announce. I peer at the great audience that has come and watched this fantbulistic game. I see a bunch of yammys jumping with joy and a group of pingoos yelling out victory chants.

“Thank you chief Alili, It was hard to catch the gognut but with my hard training I finally won my first game and it was so thrilling. I want to thank all the great Alilians rooting for me; I couldn’t have done it without them.” Bocjab declared he took a bow then proceeded to take the trophy.


It was almost nightfall, the sun was hiding behind the glorious mountains and the stars began bouncing into there positions. I lay in my giant coconut home which is placed in the highest tree in all of Alili topia, the view is magnificent. Suddenly I heard feet scurrying up the spiral stair case that was surrounding my home, there were huffs and puffs then someone pounding on my door. I jolted to the door, my body guard Craig Mortimer simkin Jr standing there with a terrifying look on his face. His black rainbow hair was tangled and his jewellery was all over the place.

“Craig whats wrong?!” I exclaim

“Chief Alili…The sacred book of everything is… missing!” He bellowed.

“WHAT!!! The sacred book of everythjing is missing??  How??” I Thundered. Craig took a deep breath before explaining.

“well…The guards…Miffy and Siric…they were brutally killed, their bodies have just been found in a nearby cave. I’m so sorry chief Alili” He muttered.

“Oh no not Siric he was my best guard, how did they get past the booby traps??” I yelled.

“Well they technically didn’t, there are a heap of body parts scattered around the place. I think the person that has the sacred book of everything used a whole heap of innocent Alilians to get the book.” He replied.  This is horrible the sacred book of everything contains everything, and in the wrong hands the new world I have built will crumble.


Craig was right there were bodies of innocent Alilians in the area, a head here a paw there. Blood stained the cave walls, it was a horrendous state. It was eerie in the cave, I felt sick I could barely look.

“Chief Alili? Are you alright, you have gone quite pale” Craig asked.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just..i just can’t believe what I’m witnessing. Craig, send guards to look for the creep that has done this” I replied as I stared at a boulder which had obviously crushed several alilians. The faces of the alilians was absolutely dreadful, but there was something odd about them. The alilians certainly looked in pain but there eyes were all the same white as snow, then it hit me.

“Oh god they have been hypnotised. Hypnosis is forbidden” I spoke out loud. I kneel down and take a closer look at them. Just then Craig comes in with more news. His face saddened and covered in blood.

“Chief Alili, I know who did it…he is roaming around the village, slaughtering more alilians…It’s mr Balloon McGoony!” Craig stated.


We rushed out into the village and there he was…Standing before Craig and I was mr Balloon McGoony. His faced was filled with anger and hatred there was deep red blood splattered onto his large balloon like head. In one hand he grasped the scared book of everything and in the other the magical sword of evlin. He had stolen the the magical sword of Evlin which is the sharpest, fastest and lightest sword to ever exist. This is unacceptable, it’s going to be extremely hard to defeat him.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT??” I scream, gosh I hate ballonians all they want is power and money. Balloonians where banished to the broken lands of Alili Topia when it was my mums rein.

“Ha..Ha…Ha, why do you need to ask? Isnt it obvious, I want power and revenge” he cackled. He kicked and innocent Alilian aside then stabbing the magical sword of Evlin into her back, not once, not twice, but five times.

“You animal, I order you to go back to your old ways where we left you undisturbed and you left us alone!!” I exclaim in anguish.

“Never! I will take over all of Alili topia and you can’t stop me” He yelled in rage.

“You will never get what you want, your alone!!” I scream. I wish he could just listen but with someone so stubborn I have such a little chance.

“Im not alone, I have an army of balloonians wanting revenge, you are the one who is alone!!” He explained. Uh oh im in real big trouble I have no army and he does. Just then in the distance I can see a humungous line of balloonians charging towards the village. Each carrying knives, arrows, swords, spears, torches and swords. I can’t gather an army when we are being attacked it’s virtually impossible.


I sprit away as fast as I can, my heart pounds against my chest at a million miles an hour. I’m alone, there’s nothing I can do. Then it hits me, not a brilliant idea but an arrow, right through my left shoulder.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I yelp the arrow that has pieced my shoulder is a traditional balloonian arrow, it carries poison and only few people can survive its effect. Thankfully I’m immune to most poisons, then all of a sudden Craig rushes up beside me, he rips the arrow from my shoulder and then pours alilian water on the wound.

“Craig, quick what can we do?” I ask practically out of breath.

“Chief Alili have you forgotten our secret weapon??” Craig asks as he raises an eyebrow. We are still sprinting for our lives but you can’t run forever.

“Of course Lilly Foshilly, how could I forget” I commented. I change my direction to Lilly’s coconut’s house, Craig and I run as fast as our legs can carry us. Finally we made it, alive.


“LILLY OPEN UP!! WE NEED YOU NOW!!” I commanded, I thrash my hand to her door so a loud thumping noise is made. Lilly opens the door looking as cute as ever,  her bright yellow and black coloured eyes peer at me, She’s as smalls as a leprechaun only very different at the same time.

“Chief Alili, what’s wrong??” Lilly asked she stepped outside her home and shut the door before you could blink.

“We are under attack, by Mr balloon McGoony and his army of balloonians, we need you right now” I shrieked. I yanked her arm before she could reply and Craig grabbed the other. We dragged her to the front of the village where all the lollypop tress grew, slowly the balloonian army was making it’s towards us. Lilly quickly flicked her long black hair away from her neck revealing her third eye which was magic and made from glass. Lilly turned his back to the army and muttered magical words.

“Epicurruis Lamacadacoda pepza grable” as she spoke those words her third eye began heating up and then projected a dangerous beam of light. It hit all the balloonians and froze them where they stood.

“Lilly send them some place horrid that they will never be able to escape” I instruct.


All that’s left of the balloonianss is a cloud of purple smoke, they are gone. Craig looks at me with a massive grin on his face.

“Don’t do it” I giggle. I know what he is going to do. Craig has a button in his hand, then raises the other and pushes the button.

“Well that was easy” it blurted out. Why does that button even exist?

“You’re an idiot” I say jokingly.

“Yeah I know Chief Alili haha. I think it’s time for a celebration, don’t you think” he suggests.

“Absolutely, to an easy victory” I say

“To a very easy victory” he laughs. So the celebration begins, with a clap of my hands a celebration will begin.


The end!


…I was to involved with partying that I forgot…to help the injured alilians…whoops…silly me…What can you do when you live in a zoo and the only thing you can eat is bananas???

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