This story is from the point of view of Chief Alili. The story is about the struggle to keep her village safe from outsiders.


1. Prologue

Once Upon a time the world ended. Yeah I know, I know it’s a strange beginning but it’s what happened.  Let me explain what happened first there was a massive earthquake which pretty much tore countries into pieces, the sea rose and a meteorite hit earth and it exploded in to tiny microscopic bits. Now you’re probably thinking how am I here, well I can’t actually explain that, but what I can say is that earth found its way back together again. Although, the world is no longer a sane place nothing makes sense, the impossible is now possible.  So this is the beginning of Alili topia the new planet earth, the people that live on Alili Topia are called alilians we look like normal humans only we have crazier looks.


Let me tell you about myself my name is Chief Alili and I’m chief of Alili topia.  I have long fiery red hair that sweeps dramatically across my face, I have massive silver eyes that are lined with black kohl, I am very tall about 8 feet and I’m dark tanned. I had no choice to become chief when my mum and dad were eaten by an animal called an octagonnapus. An octagonnapus is what looks like a giant banana with tentacles its only one of the many wacky animals that live here. I’m only 15 and I’m in charge of everything, I guess it’s kind of easy everyone has equal rights and can live freely. My mum was chief before me her name was Lulu she had bright purple hair that was in a layered bob, she had purple eyes to match. My dad Gar was my mum’s guard he had silver hair that spiked up in all directions I shared my eye colour with my dad sliver as the moon. I had a brother too but I think he ran away to live with the yammys, a yammy is a type of monkey that’s pink and blue in colour. My brother’s name was Leinad he had long black hair and his hair was shaved, he looked similar to the singer Skrillex. 

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