The LightHouse Keeper

Daniel lives in a lighthouse, he is the lighthouse keeper.
His mysterious past is haunting his present and he doesn't understand.
Will he find out what is going on? Or will he perish?


4. The Story of untold Truth

"Thank you for washing my pants, I had needed to anyway. Have I told of my venture out in the sea?" "No, i may think you haven't" Daniel had replied with a pause of thought. "Have you not know? Well, it began a month ago, I had been walking on my way to a corprate meeting and I had fallen into the sea. I had been trying to yell out for someone but as you may not know, I can't swim." Henry had begun. "You can't swim?" Daniel had replied with surprise. "Yes, i can't back to my tale?" Henry had asked with a touch of sarcasm. "Yes, continue." "So i had fallen into the sea and tried to grab a hold of a ship to pull myself out, as I grabbed the ships, anchor chain, the ship had begun to move..." "Move? With you holding onto the anchor chain? What a frivolous idea." Daniel had interrupted and stopped the story before it had concluded. "As I said, it begun to move and the anchor chain was pulled from the ground and into iit's hold. I slowly tried to climb towards the bottom of fear of drowning. I reached the bottom of the chain and the ship begun to move out into sea. I sat upon the anchor chain for many an hour just thinking of how I would resolve this problem, the best solution that I could think up was to jump off. But as I had done this, I regreted it, because i fell for many feet and hit the water with a sharp pain. Then I woke up on this beach." "My dear Henry, that is the most perculiar story i have ever heard." "Yes, now I wander this island looking for a way off, but I cannot find one." The camera in the lobby turned a centimeter right so it could see the test subject. "Who is it talking to Margret?" The operator had asked. "I have no clue."
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