The LightHouse Keeper

Daniel lives in a lighthouse, he is the lighthouse keeper.
His mysterious past is haunting his present and he doesn't understand.
Will he find out what is going on? Or will he perish?


1. The Sea

As he sat, waiting for the tide to come in, he noticed a man on the horizon. This has been happening for the past few nights and Daniel did not understand who it was and why he was there. And every night since he first saw the man on the horizon, he sat and observed. The tide had finally come in and the man was gone. Daniel had slowly got up and wondered drunkely off to the lighthouse.. After all, he was the lighthouse keeper. As he unlocked and entered his humble home, he flicked a switch, this switch was his job description All he had to do was be at the lighthouse as the sun went down and turn on the light. He never knew that this switch did a whole lot more than just turn up the brightness of the world.
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