The LightHouse Keeper

Daniel lives in a lighthouse, he is the lighthouse keeper.
His mysterious past is haunting his present and he doesn't understand.
Will he find out what is going on? Or will he perish?


6. The Games begin

As Henry finished his drink, Daniel had told him of the lighthouse and his job. He had been talking for an hour now of how he would spend the money if he ever got home, and Henry finally piped up... "What did you say about a forbidden room?" Henry had pondered. "The room at the top of the's forbidden for me to enter." Daniel had replied with haste. "Ahh, would I be allowed to see?' Before Daniel could stop Henry from getting up, Henry jumped up and ran up the stairs. Daniel followed behind him and they met the doorway. The door was locked. Daniel had not known because he never tried to open it. Henry had broken the door down with one shove before Daniel could persuade him to get back downstairs. But the room thta had been inside was amazing. It was filled with wires. They covered the walls, the ceiling, the floor and it even had monitors set up hop onto. "Wow..." Daniel had gasped. "What is all this?" Henry asked. "I don't know." Daniel had nearly stumbled over when he saw something flashing on the screen of a computer. The words printed in red had stated: THE CAGE HAS BEEN DROPPED, THE SUBJECT WON'T LAST LONG. Daniel had understood almost immediately, something was coming, and it wasn't going to be giving hugs and kisses. Something banged downstairs and Henry jumped and closed the door silently, except the door was busted from where he kicked it so they tried to hide instead. Henry had hidden behind a computer desk, and Daniel had hidden under one of the counters. Then they heard it. A low mangy growl coming from the doorway made Daniels heart stop beating. It was the sound of pure horror. They both shivered from the noises and Henry looked over to Daniel, he raised his hands and he had a metal pipe in his right one. Suddenly, he jumped from his cover and looked at the creature, as he stared, he dropped the pipe and started walking towards it. "What are you doing?!" Daniel whspered as Henry walked past. No response. As Henry walked over to the creature, it jumped on him. It wrapped its teeth around him and ripped him to shreds. As the creature ate from Henry's stomach, Daniel weeped and the creature had heard him. It crpet up and walked right by Daniel. It suddenly stopped and stared at Daniel. HIs right hand was not his own and it raised up and automatically put it into the monster mouth. Daniel knew it was the end for him, and the monster knew this aswell. So as Daniel was eaten to pieces, with no control of his body, he died.
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