The LightHouse Keeper

Daniel lives in a lighthouse, he is the lighthouse keeper.
His mysterious past is haunting his present and he doesn't understand.
Will he find out what is going on? Or will he perish?


3. Henry Williams

Tonight, Daniel got drunk. He was so wasted that he began to think properly for himself. He thought of all the liquor he had drank over the past year he had been on the island. Why does he have so much, the only place he would have the alchohol would be in the liquor cabinet. He opened the glass doors which held the drinks, it was full. No missing bottles, no empty ones around. If the alchohol he had was in a bottle and the bottle was gone from where he left it, where would it be? He stumbled outside and sat on the bench with a lousy slump. He thought for a while as the sun went down. He never knew that the mystery man, who had been seen by Daniel every night, also watched Daniel all the while. The mystery man decided to walk over. He wore a dark velvet suit and had accidently startled Daniel. The glass Daniel had held was thrown behind him in shock and had drenched the mans pants. This had caused some anguish to the party and had thrown Daniel off balance. "Good night dear sir." The mystery man had spoken softly but firmly, as to wake a small child from a nightmare. "My name is Henry, Henry Williams." he continued. "Why goodnight? Are you leaving my island or are you the man who pays me my fee, am i to collect my debt before this discussion is done?" Daniel had added before sitting back down on the bench. He motioned for Henry to join him. "Why goodnight? Because it is a very good night indeed...and i am leaving in a while, a while after you invite me in for a drink that is?" "Why of course dear Henry." Daniel had replied with proper intentions. Daniel got up and wandered over to his door, opening for Henry, Daniel hushed him in and showed him around. "Oh my, i had forgotten about my pants. May you be so kind the wash these for me." Henry had implied, "Yes, i will go fetch a pair of my finest trousers to let you wear." Daniel had spoken back rather harshly. Who knoows why he had spoken this way, this will be recorded for todays progress.
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