The LightHouse Keeper

Daniel lives in a lighthouse, he is the lighthouse keeper.
His mysterious past is haunting his present and he doesn't understand.
Will he find out what is going on? Or will he perish?


2. Followed

In the mornings, Daniel does the dishes, but today he decided not too. He went upstairs for a change. He had been told never to go into the top room and he never understood why. Maybe the light is radioactive if i leave it on one day? Maybe there are ghosts? Slim chance. In the tower, there was a total of five rooms, the top room which he was not allowed in, the toilet, his bedroom, his living room, and the lighting room.. Each floor was 4 metres high, but not the bathroom. This was 6 metres high. Daniel had measured the outside one dull day and the lighthouse was 20 metres high. Four + Four + 6 = 14 including the lighting room which was 4 metres high and can only be accessed from a ladder outside. That makes the forbidden top room 2 metres high. What is so small and important to keep secret in a two metre space. Weird, but Daniel was to bothered to think about this. Daniel was lonely. Being the lighthouse keeper, includes a high pay, an island to youself, a home rent free that you can do whatever to, and no way onto the main coast line. The ocean between the island and australia is about 1.5 kilometres wide, and yet he still received his pay for the day in his letterbox every day of every week. He has no way to spend this money so he uses it to lift his bed. He must have at least 1 and a half million stashed underneath his mattress. That afternoon, he sat on the bench he did the night before, and the night before that, and the night before that. Actually...every night since he recieved this job, which was about a year ago now. He never put much thought into this but yet he still continued to sit here and wait for the night to approach and the wandering man.
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