Friends Never Say Goodbye

Just... read it.


5. That’s it, I have nothing else to say

No wait… nah. Or! … Nope.


A’right, it’s come back to me. I’m gonna take some of my original work down [Like In Sheep’s Clothes], but I’ll leave the other stuff up. And I'mma keep my account open, in case I what to jump in again [though i'll probably come under a new name or something. Start over like, to be fair.]


Oh, and also, this was not my idea [acknowledgement actually goes to Sakura, so] but I’m making… Wait a minute! *Goes and makes blog*Okay, that’s done. Ooh, that’s interesting *browses skins for blog*Okay, okay. Basically: I started a blog:


But it’s not for my daily life updates. I’m giving universal permission for the re-postablity of the first two Mock-Fictions: Requiescat in Pace and Memento Mori. Um, but I’m a little, er, dumb XD How do you attach files in post >.< ? Help anyone. I’m going to put up read-only files of both stories and you guys can download and repost them. [Seriously, though, how do you use wordpress?]



Sorry, for the… whatever.


But anyway, aside from that, I really have nothing else to say. I am going to miss this place… Thanks for being around, and I am begging you don’t let this amazing community just go slack. For all its faults [by this I mean the new layout XD], the Movellas community is absolutely unrivallable [wait a go, add more words to the dictionary]. But yeah…


And please don’t hit the ‘like’ XD I only made this a movella because I knew I couldn’t fit it into a forum post XD

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