Friends Never Say Goodbye

Just... read it.


1. So... umm... Yeah. I'm leaving.

Bear with me.


I had two exams yesterday [one 1&1/2 hour paper and another 2&1/2 hour paper] so my hand is dead. No joke, I couldn’t feel anything with my forefinger and thumb until four hours later O_O and to add to that, I got woken 5-6 times last night, so please bear with me – I need Red Bull and possibly a sling.


Okay, so exactly what it says on the can: I’m leaving.


And as much as you guys are expecting the cliché ‘I’m sick of this place’ – that’s not what this is. That, actually, would be a lie.


How in hell would I ever get sick of this place? I’ve been here for just over a year, and so far: I’ve got 170 fans [and still counting], I’ve been made the leader of a Brotherhood, I completed a NMD, I made some awesome [and I mean that] friends, I placed in competitions, I learnt a decent amount of Elvish [ELVISH], and so many more things.


Seriously? Me? Sick of this place? Not probable.


You don’t understand – I don’t want to leave [stop looking at me like that], it’s just something that I have to do. I’m not gonna go into any detail at what’s going on in my life right now, but I need time so I have to cut down on some things. And honestly, I’ve got a whole lot of stress on my plate [and, take it from me, stress tastes horrible], and I really need some time to just float in a maze of nothingness [whatever that’s supposed to mean].


Some of you were informed before that I was going to leave [and those that weren’t informed, don’t feel bad]. Some people had to be informed [like the Council] and other times it just came out in passing. And so far there’s been a laptop and duck-tap conspiracy against me, and one of my Council members doing this bucket-list-type thing O_O.

And I have evidence! XD


They reason why I didn’t just write up a forum post, is because [as is pretty clear] I can’t really keep my mouth shut XD I have a billion different thing to say at once XD and I have to put it all in sections.


[And also, this message is a little bit early, I’ll still pretty much be in and around until the 12th, but I reckoned ‘have free-time, use it’.]

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