Friends Never Say Goodbye

Just... read it.


4. For the lovely people I opened Co-Author discussions with

You need no introduction, you know who you are. I really have nothing else to say on the general level [since confidentiality is key], than:


You are not lost. You are not unnoticed. So long as you live, the doors of change are open. Don’t lose hope. And I know it sounds hypocritical coming from someone as cynical as myself, but you cannot lose hope.


Dum spiro spero: ‘While I breathe, I hope’.


And when I said I cared, I genuinely meant it.


The world can be hell at times, but it can be a brighter place when put into perspective. And remember that there is no success with out failure. There is no life without hardship. And there is no happiness without tragedy. Life will be life, and it can be a right [for the sake of the kiddies] female dog at times, but when it bites: don’t cower in a corner and be afraid. Pick up a stick, and make it your female dog.

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