Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*

Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat her and there's nothing she can do about it.
But what will happen when James finds out about Harry and One Direction? And what's Charlotte going to do when she falls in love with one of the boys, but can't leave James?


12. We meet again...


It was so frustrating for me to stand there by Niall’s side just seconds ago and watch him fall apart and knowing there was nothing I could do. I tried talking to him, but he didn’t react. He didn’t even know I was there…

I didn’t care though. I kept trying.

I couldn’t see a thing in his crystal blue eyes as I stared right into them. They were emotionless as he kneeled in front of me and buried his face in his hands as a few sobs filled the room.

I caressed his cheeks as tears ran down on them. I think he felt it, ‘cause he closed his eyes and rubbed his head against my hand. I smiled and pecked his cheek. “Please be strong Niall. I’ll be back by your side soon” I whispered close to his ear.

“What the fuck Niall?!” Harry ran his hand through his brown curls as he entered the room. Niall’s head shot up. His eyes were red and puffy. I held my breath as I watched Niall’s expression turn from sad to realization. His eyes scanned the room and he was a bit embarrassed.

“What’s happened here?” Harry finally spoke up.

“Nothin’ please just leave” Niall almost whispered back. It broke my heart to hear his voice.

Harry sighed as his foot tapped the floor several times as if he was wondering what to do.

He kneeled down next to Niall

“Niall…” another sigh escaped his lips “I miss her too you know”

He was referring to me. I instantly knew that.

I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be alright eventually, but I couldn’t and it was killing me.

It was killing me, like literally. I couldn’t breathe. I had an urge to scream and I fought to hold it back.

I ran out as fast as I could. I was hurting everyone… wasn’t there something I could do to get back to life?

I would do anything to be in Niall’s and Harry’s arms again.




As I entered the hospital chills ran down my spine. I had no idea why.

Guess it was the atmosphere in there…

So many people died here every day…

When was it my turn?...

I was scared of that day.

Anyways… I walked down the hallway and stopped at the door in front of my room.

I squeezed my eyes shot as I hesitantly took one step and entered the room. As my body hit the door it tickled a little, but it wasn’t bad. I grinned as I slowly opened my eyes.

My first actual smile today was soon held back as I bit down on my bottom lip to hold in the tears that were forming in my eyes.

He was sitting right in front of me.


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