Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*

Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat her and there's nothing she can do about it.
But what will happen when James finds out about Harry and One Direction? And what's Charlotte going to do when she falls in love with one of the boys, but can't leave James?


10. Patient?!

*Harrys POV*

“Do you think she’ll ever wake up?” My voice was raspy and I couldn’t get the words out.

This was the first sentence I’d made in a month. It almost felt weird talking again, like I didn’t really know how to.

“Of course Harry. We just got to wait” Liam tried to comfort me, though it didn’t help at all. He’d been here with me a few times to make sure I was alright.

He padded my back lightly, took one look at Charli, sighed and left the room.

“I’m going home. You should do too. You need to get some sleep Harry…”

I couldn’t get a word out. That one sentence ‘do you think she’ll ever wake up?’ was hard enough.

Liam smiled and sighed though I knew well enough that this was hard for him too. It was hard for all of us. Liam just never let himself cry or lose control. He was the type of person who took care of everyone else before himself. He was one of the best mates you could wish for.

“See you later Harry, take care” With that he left.

The walls I’d build around me the last few days broke to pieces the moment he was gone and I finally let myself cry.

Tears streamed down my hot cheeks and fell from my chin down onto the duvet that covered Charli’s weak and pale body.

I found her that day. Lying on the ground; not breathing.

I carried her lifeless body.

I thought she was dead.

It has been a month now and she’s still lying in that damn hospital bed with tubes everywhere…

Maybe she is dead. She looks dead.

I just can’t cope with all this. I can’t afford to lose her. Not like this. Not now.

*3. persons POV*

He sat on that chair beside her for hours, crying. It was heartbreaking.

He felt something for her that he never really got to tell her. And now it was probably too late.

The doctor said the chances of Charli waking up were tiny, but Harry didn’t listen. He just sat on that chair every day, waiting for her.

Niall stopped by sometimes, but it was hard for him too. He blamed himself for what happened, though it could never have been his fault.

He truly loved her, but seeing her broke his heart into pieces and he couldn’t bare it.

Niall and Harry didn’t talk much when Niall was there. They just sat and watched Charli with puffy, red eyes. No sound at all. Only the beeps from the heart monitor beside Charli, confirming she was actually life.


“Sorry, but visiting time is over guys. You have to go” a nurse said hesitantly as she entered the room. You could see on her face that she felt sorry for Niall and Harry, but there was nothing she could do.

It was the same routine every day, only Harry was normally alone…

He’d be sitting on that chair and she’d use the next 30 min just to make him leave.

“Okay” Harry simply said, but it came out more as a raspy whisper. He didn’t move his eyes from Charli nor did Niall.

The nurse sighed and sat down between Niall and Harry.

“Look…I don’t want to kick you out, but if you don’t leave I’ll have to do so. I know this is hard for you both, she obviously means a lot to you, but there’s nothing I can do” She lifted her hand and ran it through her brown hair.

None of the boys said anything.

Harry was the first to get up though. He took Charli’s hand in his and pressed his lips against the cold and pale skin on her hand. He then frowned and let go of her.

“See you tomorrow Charli, I promise.”

And with that he left.

Niall on the other hand refused to leave her.


“Let me go, yha bastards! I cannot leave her here!” Niall cried. Two men held him back, though it wasn’t easy ‘cause Niall basically fought for his life to get to Charli.

“Calm down! Or we’ll have to call the police!” The men yelled at Niall while the nurse stood in the corner of the room with a sad and worried expression on her face.

*Charli’s POV*

“Let me go, yha bastards! I cannot leave her here!”


I looked at Niall, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Niall, what’s wrong? Calm down please, you’re scaring me” I mumbled as I hesitantly walked over to him.

“Niall look at me!”

“Calm down! Or we’ll have to call the police” The men yelled at Niall. He kept fighting.

“No! Niall, please stop! What’s wrong? I’m right here” He didn’t even look at me as I spoke to him.

“Let me go! I gotta be here when she wake up!” Niall screamed at the men. “No, you got to go home, now!” they answered him.

He finally gave up and fell to the floor crying, screaming for me to wake up and go home with him. I was so confused and didn’t know what to do.

“For god’s sake, Niall, I’m right here!” I cried as I reached out for his hand, but mine went straight through.

That was when my world fell apart. I couldn’t touch him and I panicked.

“Come on now. You can’t stay here and if this happens again I’m afraid we can’t let you visit the patient anymore” The men took a hold on both of Niall’s arms and helped him up. We locked eyes for a second, but he didn’t know.

Patient? What patient?!

He didn’t even see me standing there crying my eyes out because of him.

Tears fell from his cheeks and I held my hand out to catch one, though I knew I couldn’t.

I could see frustration and anger in his glossy sea blue eyes and I wanted so badly to hug him, kiss him and tell him that everything’s gonna be fine. I wanted to run my hand through his dirty blonde hair and feel his heart beat increase when I did so.

But I couldn’t.

The men followed Niall out and I watched him leave from the tiny window that was in the room.

That was when I took in my surroundings. A plain white room.

I was in a hospital.

I could hear something beep in a steady rhythm, but I couldn’t tell where was coming from. I looked at the bed and noticed it wasn’t empty. Was this what Niall was talking about? No, it can’t be. I’m standing right here and I’m not a patient.

I walked closer.

One of the patient’s hands wasn’t under the duvet as the rest of the body. It was pale. When I touched it coldness went through my entire body and I took a step back. A gasp escaped my lips as I closed my eyes, hoping this wasn’t as I thought it was.

It felt weird when I touched the person and it didn’t make sense why… It was just a normal patient in a normal hospital, right?

I went over by the person’s side and bent over, so I could see their face. I froze right on the spot when I realized it was exactly as I though.

I was staring at myself.

That person lying in the bed was me.


*Sooo.. this was chapter 10, hope you liked it! I defintely loved writing it! :) Please let me know what you think! And if you'd like/fave/share the story, that's be great!
I'll update again as soon as possible Xx*

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