Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*

Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat her and there's nothing she can do about it.
But what will happen when James finds out about Harry and One Direction? And what's Charlotte going to do when she falls in love with one of the boys, but can't leave James?


4. In love...?

The place was huge and there were a big crowd of screaming girls waiting outside. I felt a bit uncomfortable and didn’t know where to go... I mean, should I just enter like everyone else, or is it another way when it’s backstage tickets? Harry didn’t tell me when he gave me the ticket. I decided to call him and ask, though I was pretty sure he wouldn’t have time to answer.

I was right. After I called him the fifth time I gave up and just followed everybody else inside. It was almost my turn to show the ticket when someone grabbed me. I gasped and turned around, hoping it wasn’t James… I couldn’t see the person ‘cause his face was hidden under his hoodie. “Who are you and what do you want?” I tried to get away from him, but he was strong. He dragged me through the crowd of fans and into another room. I tried to scream for help, but he covered my mouth with his hand. Eventually he let go of me and locked the door behind him. I was frozen… I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything. “Calm down Charlotte, it’s just me!” Wait… I knew that voice. Harry. “Harry freaking Styles! You scared the hell outta me!!” He took off his hoodie and a pair of dimples showed up on his rose cheeks. “Sorry, just didn’t want the fans to see me” I couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “Come and give me a hug!” A huge grin spread across his face as he wrapped his arms around me. I gasped for breath and tried to pull him away. “Harry… Air… You’re killing me!” He chuckled and set me down. “Come on, we gotta go! I need to get ready and you have to meet the boys before the show!” He put on his hoodie; we walked out and through a black door with the sign ‘BACKSTAGE’ on it. As we walked I looked around. There were cables everywhere and of course, clumsy as I am, I fell and Harry had to carry me the rest of the way… It wasn’t really awkward though. Harry had lifted me so many times before and I had actually lifted him a few times too, but that was mostly when we'd been partying together and he was too drunk to walk. We always helped each other, no matter what it was. “Thank you for always being there for me when I need you! I don’t know where I’d be without you Harry” That was true. I really didn’t know where I’d be without him… Probably dead. He was what kept me from suicide and cutting. He just didn’t know that. “You’re like a sister to me. I’ll always be here for you. No need to thank me!” We’d stopped walking. “Are we there?” “No it’s the next door and then the first on the left” He looked down at me and squeezed me. “Then why are we standing here?” I giggled and looked into his light green orbs. “I don’t know… I was just thinking and I wanted you to know that I’m here for you” I just smiled and buried my head in his chest as he started walking again.

Somehow I fell asleep, ‘cause I woke up to five pair of eyes staring down at me. “She’s wakin up lads!” one of them said. He had a thick irish accent. It was kind of cute and I actually felt myself blush a little. “Hey Charlotte!” another one said. But that voice was more british and fresh, which was cute too, but not in the same way as the irish one. “Uhm… Hello” That was all I could say at the moment. I was surrounded by five good looking guys, so… “So Charlotte, this is the lads!” Harry said and they all cheered. I giggled and sat up in the couch I was placed on. “Well… it’s nice to meet you guys! Harry always talks about you” We all looked at Harry and he grinned. “Aww Harry! You always talk about us, huh? I’ve missed you so much Hazza!” Louis said as he gave Harry a big bear hug. Their friendship was so cute. “But we saw each other yesterday Lou…?” Harry giggled and padded Louis’ back. “Hey, it’s nice ta finally meet yha Charlotte! Harry won’t stap talkin bout you eather!” A blonde haired boy sat down beside me. He smiled at me, which automatically made me smile too. I don’t know why… it just made me happy seeing him happy. “Nice to meet you too…” I waited for him to complete the sentence. He looked at me, confused. “Oh, Niall… me name’s Niall, sorry” He seemed a bit nervous. I just chuckled and shook his hand. “So you’re the one who plays the guitar” I stated and he nodded. “Yup, that’s me” A man stormed into the room. “Boys, you’re on in five!!” I was confused… They all froze on the spot. “Like five minutes?!” Niall asked. The man just nodded and opened the door wide for them to run out and get ready. “We totally forgot time! Gotta go Charlotte! Paul here will show you where you can sit” Harry said and pointed at the man beside him. I was about to answer, but Harry was already far gone.

“Ok, so you can sit here” Paul said and took a chair. “Thanks” I didn’t know what to say at all. And I didn’t feel safe. The only people I knew were on stage, singing. “So you’re the boys’ bodyguard?” I looked over at him. He was busy watching the guys on stage. “Kind of… I’m the tour manager and their ‘babysitter’ as the fans likes to say” he suddenly answered with a smile. He had a bit of an irish accent too. We watched the show and Harry looked at me a few times to check if I were ok. I smiled at him and sang along. Niall also looked at me and I blushed every time. Paul noticed “so you like the irish one?” he gave me an elbow in the side. I blushed even more. “Naah… I don’t” He chuckled “Okay then”

I did have a little crush on Niall. Already when I saw him the first time I knew it. That irish accent, those crystal blue eyes and his cute shyness. Butterflies filled my tummy just by thinking of him. I was certainly in love with him! “Can I have some water please?” I asked Paul. “Sure” he grabbed a water bottle from the table beside him and handed it over to me. “Thanks” I felt really hot, and my face was probably red as a tomato!

We went back to the room when the show was over. It was getting late, and I was pretty tired, so we didn’t stay long. “So… did yha like da show?” Niall sat beside me in the car. We were on our way to the hotel they were staying at. “Yes, it was great” I said with an awkward smile. “Are you ok Charli?” Harry turned his head and looked at me. I didn’t look into his eyes as I said yeah, ‘cause he’d know what was going on. He knitted his eyebrows and smirked as he turned back his head.

We soon arrived at the hotel and were in the boys’ suite. I dropped my bag to the wooden floor and looked around. I was only staying this one night, but oh how I wished I could stay here with the boys forever! No one beating me or yelling at me. “You have to share a room with one of us Charli…” Harry wrapped one arm around me and sighed, knowing I’d not like to share a room. “It’s okay Harry. You’re like a brother; we can just share, right?” He sent me an apologetic look and sighed again. “What is it?” I crossed my arms over my chest. “Thing is… my bed is only for one person… so you’ll have to share with one of the lads” My eyes opened wide and my heart started beating faster. Harry didn’t know, but after James started beating me and abuse me I didn’t like being around people I didn’t really know. It really scared me, and my mind would make up crazy things, that would just scare me even more... “She can sleep wit me. We've talked a bit…” Niall suddenly put in. “Sure! Then it’s fixed, if it’s ok with you of course?...” Harry tried to make eye contact, but I denied. “Uhm… yeah, I guess” I said, scratching my arm a bit. Niall immediately looked hurt. I never wanted to hurt him! His eyes found mine and I forgot how to breathe. A little smile escaped his lips, as I started blushing. My knees were getting weak and I had to get away before I collapsed in front of them all. The only problem was, I couldn’t! He made me feel like no one had ever made me feel before. I couldn’t even describe it. I finally got the strength to walk away.

I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom. I wasn’t even good enough for a guy like Niall! He could get a girl way prettier than me. I guess this ‘in love’ phase was just something temporary that would disappear soon. Hopefully it is ‘cause it won’t do me any good. Niall and I would never be an item anyway. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and walked out and straight to bed. Niall wasn’t there yet. He was probably not tired. I closed the door and considered if I should just change here or go and do it… Since Niall wasn’t here I decided to just change; besides I was too tired to go back to the bathroom. Right as I’d taken of my top and pants the door opened and Niall stormed in. I grabbed my top and was able to cover half of my body. Niall looked up and his jaw fell to the floor. While he was trying to get out, still shocked, he ran into the door, he closed when he walked in. I couldn’t help but laugh! His face turned red and he opened the door and ran out. Well… that was funny! “I’m sooo sorry Charlotte!” He shouted from outside the door. I just giggled and jumped in my pjs. “You can come in now Niall” I shouted. No one answered. I walked to the door and listen, but there wasn’t a sound. I was worried! What if James found out and came after me?! What if he killed the boys?! I began hyperventilating. I didn’t even dare to open the door. Tears started streaming down my face as I thought of loosing Harry, my best friend! I couldn’t let that happen!

The door burst open and I closed my eyes and screamed “Please don’t hurt me! Please!” The tears kept streaming. “Charlotte?! I won’t evah hurt yha” It was Niall. I was sobbing as he embraced me. “What’s wrong Charli? ‘Cause somethin’s definitely wrong!” He stated. “Yeah, I just…I can’t tell you w-what it is…” I said, still sobbing more than ever. “Okay, not now then. But yha have ta tell me sometime! I don’t like ta see yha this way…” He was right, I had to talk to someone about it, and maybe he was the right one…? We didn’t talk further about it ‘cause I fell asleep in his arms.

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