Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*

Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat her and there's nothing she can do about it.
But what will happen when James finds out about Harry and One Direction? And what's Charlotte going to do when she falls in love with one of the boys, but can't leave James?


9. Goodbye...


I ran across the street and down a tiny road.

It was foggy and quite cold, but I didn’t care at the moment.

My phone was dead, so I had no idea if James was actually on his way to find me. I just had to hurry home before he comes after me. That way I could come up with some story about why I’d been gone for so long. And if it’s good enough, maybe, just maybe he won’t beat me.

I hope so…

If I could just get out of this mess. I hate it!

I hate James, I hate myself and I hate my life.

If I hadn’t met James I wouldn’t be standing here, lonely, weak and afraid of what might happen.

He ruined my life, and I could only sit and try to hide it from the rest of the world.


My eyes were filled with tears as I stopped walking and fell.

I fell to the ground and I couldn’t get up.

My heart was beating rapidly and my arms were too heavy for me to move them. My body was weak and cold and I’m sure I looked dead. I felt dead. A part of me wanted to be dead.

Maybe I should just stay here and die…?

Tears ran from my left eye, over my nose and into my right eye, where they, mixed with the tears that were already in my right eye, ran to my ear and landed on the asphalt.

My cheek was pressed against the ground as I closed my eyes and let go.

Took one last breath and ended it all.

This was it.

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