Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*

Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat her and there's nothing she can do about it.
But what will happen when James finds out about Harry and One Direction? And what's Charlotte going to do when she falls in love with one of the boys, but can't leave James?


14. Charli?!

I think I'll start writing what I listen to while writing the chapters! So here's the songs for this chapter:

Burn - Ellie Goulding
Right now - One Direction
Through the dark - One Direction
Little things - One Direction
Counting stars - OneRepublic

*Niall’s POV*

I slowly closed the door behind me and rushed over to her.

Her steady breathing calmed me down a bit. I removed the covers slightly so I was able to see her body.

No new scars. No bruising.

I sighed as I kneeled down beside the bed, covering my face with my hands. He could’ve easily hurt her.

I don’t know what I’d do if he’d done anything to her…

Who was he anyway?!

I took Charli’s hand in mine and stroked it gently with my thumb.

“Wake up Charli, please. I cannot stand this. I’m gettin’ more n more paranoid. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. Please just wake up n leave with me” I cried into her hand.

The thought of tour killed me inside. I’d have to leave her if she didn’t wake up soon. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that.

All I could do for now was pray that she’d wake up one of the upcoming days.

I took a few deep breaths as I looked at her beautiful face. Her hair wasn’t as shiny as it used to be, but that didn’t make her less perfect.

She’d always be perfect to me.

Tears filled my eyes as I buried my head in her neck. She smelled nice, like usual. If I just closed my eyes I could imagine her alive, comforting me, caressing my cheek, smiling at me.

The thought warmed my heart.

*Charli’s POV*

I placed my hand on his shoulder. My heart was aching more than ever before.

Oh, how I wished I could wake up.

How I wished I could be in his arms, see his smile as he looked into my eyes, feel his heartbeat increase as I touched him.

But I couldn’t.

I ran my hand down his arm. He was so warm.

It scared me a bit. He needed sleep and not eating definitely meant something was wrong if it was Niall.

I was getting desperate and I didn’t know what to do to make him feel better.

A few sobs filled the room and tears formed in my eyes as I hugged him from behind.

I felt my heart warm up and those lovely butterflies filled my stomach as he was breathing heavily.

“I love you Niall. Everything will be fine, I promise” I whispered into his ear. I felt his body stiffen and his head shot up as his hand flew up to his ear.

He rubbed it and looked around in the room.

“Anybody there?!” his voice was raspy and cracked a few times.

He felt me?


I was a bit shocked.

“N-Niall? Can you hear me?” I tried, but no answer this time.

“Hello?” Niall called out.

“I’m right here Niall. And I won’t ever leave” I whispered into his ear once again. It seemed to work as to the fact that he instantly got up and his eyes got wide.

“Charli?” he ran his hands through his hair and gasped for air. “I’m getting’ crazy” he let out an airy laugh as he rubbed his eyes several times.

Tears sprung from my eyes as I placed my hands on each side of his head. “Yes Niall. It’s me, Charli. Do you hear me?” I spoke up as I caressed his cheeks with my thumbs.

“I do…” he furrowed his eyebrows and bit down on his lower lip. “Am I imaginin’ things?” the words came out as a whisper. He let out another airy laugh as he took a chair and sat down.

Good idea. He looked like he was going to pass out any minute…

I giggled as I sat on his lap. “No Niall, you’re not. I’m actually right in front of you” I sniffled as another giggle escaped my lips.

This couldn’t be true.

How was it even possible?

*Niall’s POV*

I chuckled out of pure happiness. She was actually here, alive. As I looked down on my hands they were shaking like crazy.

“Yea, I know… In da bed” I nodded my head towards the beautiful girl in the bed in front of me.

“No, I’m sitting on your lap” her lovely voice rang in my ears and I was unable to breathe. What?

I looked down at my pants and couldn’t hide the smile that was forming on my lips. I felt like the happiest and luckiest guy on the planet. Being able to talk to her made the situation a whole lot better and weirder in a way.

I mean… I was talking to a ghost! How surreal and weird was that?!

“B-but how is this even possible?” I choked on my own breath as I rubbed my eyes. I was tired and the tears that were now dried onto my cheeks and in my eyes burned.

I didn’t care though. Talking to Charli was so much more important than sleep.

“I honestly don’t know… I’ve tried to get in contact with both you and Harry for so long” I couldn’t describe how amazing it was to finally hear her voice after months… my thoughts shut down when she spoke up again.

“Maybe we’ve gotten a special connection…?” That could actually be a good explanation.

“Well, how’re yha feelin’?” I was eager to hear her voice again.

A giggle filled the room and I grinned as I imagined her in front of me.

I knew she wasn’t alive for real. But talking to her and listening to her beautiful voice was good enough for now.

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