Gunpoint love.

Ex wife of a drug dealer runs away with his cash, car and drugs.She fells in love with a tattoo artist. and makes his life miserable.Drug dealer is searching for his ex wife.He fells in love with a waitress.The waitress is an ex girlfriend of the tattoo artist.


2. Tattoo artist.

Jenny drove all night and reach a snowy city called  thomsu.She goes to a cafe where she is having breakfast .The name of the cafe is -The wild cafe.

Jenny sees

tha waiteress and a guy is fighting in a cafe.The guy walks away from the cafe in rage.Jenny always walks away from the cafe.In the parking lot,She sees that the waiteress and the guy are still fighting.Waiteress screams at the guy-"Give the keys of my car,i want my car back".The guy gives back the keys-"Baby, now,it's over between us".Waiterss kicks him and

says-"As if i want our relationship to go on,just go away".Waiterss goes back to the cafe.

Jenny starts her car and yells at the guy-Want a ride???The guy jumps in.He is sitting Quietly and then Jenny asks him-"Dude,what is with that waiteress,what is your name??? The guys replies that the waiteress was his girlfriend and his name is-Jacob and he is aTattoo artist.Jenny smiles and says-"Good,i want a tattoo ,lets go to your place".

Jacob gets thirsty and Jenny says that water bottle is in the back seat.While searching for water Jacob finds that one bag is nicely placed on the back seat but there is a urn beneath the back seat of the car .He shows That urn to Jenny but Jenny puts a gun on his forehead and says-"Jacob,i wan opens the urn and finds drugs in it.Jacob gets scared and asks Jenny to stop the car.

Jenny, puts a gun on his forehead and says-"i want a tattoo and then i will go"Jenny puts the music on and starts to drive at high speed.meanwhile,Phil , the famous gangster and drug dealer reaches at Jenny's sister place but she knows nothing about the whereabouts of jenny






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