Gunpoint love.

Ex wife of a drug dealer runs away with his cash, car and drugs.She fells in love with a tattoo artist. and makes his life miserable.Drug dealer is searching for his ex wife.He fells in love with a waitress.The waitress is an ex girlfriend of the tattoo artist.


1. Runaway ex wife.

It has been 5 years since their divorce but Jenny and Phil always went on a date on valentine's day.This year,Jenny went to Phil's house.Phil, the most famous and dangerous drug dealer fell in love with Jenny in his college days when he saw Jenny singing in a library.She use to sing everyday in the library and use to get scolded by library officials .jenny and phil started a rock band and got married.


After five y

ears of their marriage ,Jenny and phil were struggling with money.Phil becomes a drug dealer and Jenny becomes his partner.Phil becomes richer and he changes.Jenny is just a liability for him.


Sick of everyday fights they got divorced and only met on valentine's day.Tonight,on valentine's day,Jenny,is in Phil's home.She is waiting for  Phil to come back home.Jenny, is trying to be a middle age model but she has not been very successful.


Phil comes drunk ,hugs Jenny and says to her,"look darling,today was a very busy day,look how much money i got today" .He shows her a bag full of money and says that he is tired and just want to sleep.Jenny,insists that he should stay awake so that they can relive the good old times but Phil gets angry,scolds her and goes to sleep.



Jenny is sad,angry and upset and when she sees that the bag full of money is still open ,she just zips it,steals the keys of phil'scar,writes sorry on Phil's head with her nailpolish and drives away.

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