Thoughts and poems

This is thoughts and feelings written into more or less meaningful poems.

I'm in love with the last lines of each poem; is a part of my own self.


3. Well, you know, I like my toilet.

My love should be special

And wonderful and cute

So happy or sad, just like me,

We’re one not two


Should be funny and laughing

And smiling so nice

That no matter what happened

We would still be entwined


Don’t call it perfect ‘cuz I know it won’t be

But just amazing enough, what the two of us needs


It might be splendid and incredible

A new inspiring adventure

But if it was with you, I wouldn’t care

If we had one or a million


Just as long as I’m with you

There’s nothing else to say

Than the eight big words

I love you more than I can ever tell


For those of you who don’t understand

This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever had

It’s new and great, but fragile and so small

Make sure to take care, don’t let it be torn


You’ll have it sometime, and you’ll know when it’s there

It might not leave until you’ve taken the chance

Just take a step and see where it leads

Be sure to take care, ‘cuz the offer might go

Just as fast as it came, and pass out in the toilet.

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