Thoughts and poems

This is thoughts and feelings written into more or less meaningful poems.

I'm in love with the last lines of each poem; is a part of my own self.


7. Only One.

Your pretty smile

Seems to be in danger

So amazing

Just as gorgeous

But with a tear

Hidden in the sand


I will listen to your words

Hear the trouble, hear the world

Screaming for your secret name

To make you stay or look away

To hesitate or be afraid

Don’t let it scare you

Your difference is your friend


Your incredible character

Makes me see all the light

But also listen to every part

Of your own darker side

It’s not your fault

It’s not a lie

Am I in love with the picture of you in my own mind?


Do I only love the you

I’ve seen and heard in public use

The smile and act for cameras

With your own self in the background


Is it another fake smile

That I cannot just see behind

But with your eyes so cute and honest

And you hair always pretty perfect

Your smile seems so incredible

Behaving like the best of all

But I’m just like a thousand others

Or millions, rather than even so

You won’t see me, you won’t even realize

That all these people wish to be your only one


With no chance I’m not alone

But still feel like it’s just as so

Without you there’s a hole in my heart

You can fill it up with liquid

But it will still be apart

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