Thoughts and poems

This is thoughts and feelings written into more or less meaningful poems.

I'm in love with the last lines of each poem; is a part of my own self.


2. Is sense even useful?

Love doesn’t paint the sky all pink

Love doesn’t make a smile stay all over your face

But what if love was just as simple as that?

What if love were something we all had?


What if love were nothing useful at all

No car, no house, no kids and no toy

It was just in the air

Like a rainbow in flair

Like a blooming all fresh

But with no use, and no ‘yes’


Love makes blind, but what for the blind?

Will they just walk around, 2 times blind may be wide?

Like plus, minus and multiplication

To zeros won’t be nothing but eyes

For a smiley with no mouth

It can make a world of a difference


What if you weren’t in love, not at all

Just watching people who thought they were complete

Perfect, forever after, couples and stuff

But dude would you care for the words of a broken heart?

It might be just everything you need when you got it

But then, when it’s over, would you rather not have had it?

Is the joy worth the pain that comes afterwards

Or do you not believe in such destroying of happy hearts?


You could avoid love for a whole life

Just saying it wasn’t worth everything you’d like

You could pretend to love, force your soul to be

Into someone or something where it couldn’t disagree


You don’t have to say that love is a gift

Or a present, like present, it’s a gift of today

You’ve been given the day so make sure of good use

No one does that anyway.

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