Thoughts and poems

This is thoughts and feelings written into more or less meaningful poems.

I'm in love with the last lines of each poem; is a part of my own self.


9. Guess again.


I’ve never been this afraid

Of something I already knew

Can’t pull myself together

Can’t take a deep breath

Can’t relax and say whatever

You know, I can’t even think


I feel so restless

My soul can’t be still

I could run a thousand miles

And just stay away from here


But this is important

And a true life challenge

Though it wouldn’t actually matter

If it went well or bad


It’ll be the same next year

And the year after again

But I can’t get used to it

It will never become my friend.


No matter what I do

It’s still stuck in my backhead

I can’t even sleep yet

‘Til it’s over again


My head is thinking double speed

My heart is beating fast

My feet wish they could run away

N’ let this be in past

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