Thoughts and poems

This is thoughts and feelings written into more or less meaningful poems.

I'm in love with the last lines of each poem; is a part of my own self.


10. Can't decide.


The tears keeps streaming from my eyes

Like a waterfall of eternity

Can’t control it, not at all

Is it sadness

Or happiness?


Wouldn’t understand the words they said

Didn’t believe what they told me

Was it truth, would I prefer lies

Could this be it

Is it a yes?


People say ‘gratz

Well done girl

Can I believe it

Did I deserve

A moment like this


It went so bad

And my tears ran

I was so sad

I was no good at all


I didn’t expect it

Didn’t even believe it

Kept crying as if I were hurt

But it was okay


They told me the truth

Even though I lied to myself

I’m not sure if I deserve it

But they can’t take it back

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